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Story: This cyborg was made to stop a meteor hurling to earth. After he was made he was put in front of the meteor. When it hit him the meteor shattered but he was launched into space after a few years he fell back to ear. When he hit the earth he was unharmed and found by a high school student. He enjoyed spending time in the city, despite this life washard for him constantly having to fight copies of him. He has saved the earth several times. He smashes meteors. He also has weapons to assist him. Like a huge arsenal of laser guns and rifles and other sorts. He uses these weapons to take down monsters other robots, and aliens.

Personality: smart, serious, and tough to break.

Tier: Large continent (Destroyed meteors without moving)

Name: Annihilator/ Kaleb

Origin: U.S.A

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Classification: Cyborg

Powers and abilities: Rocket boots, hacking

Attack potency: Meteor size

Speed: Outran bullet trains

Lifting strength: Held up the pentagon, and a skyscraper, carries 2 miniguns at a time

Striking strength: Destroying meteors.

Durability: Took a meteor unharmed, and fell to earth unharmed

Stamina: Never gets tired

Range: shot someone on an airplane many miles away.

Standard equipment: Laser snipers, Mg-5, miniguns, laser pistols, many more guns.

Intelligence: Solved a Rubik's cube in 50 seconds

Weakness: Has a hard time seeing when he gets mad.

Notable attacks/ techniques: Throws a shock grenade then a stun grenade before barraging his opponent with bullets, Stabs his opponent then puts a bomb on it and flies away before the bomb explodes.


Escaped the pentagon, and held it up.

Escaped a maximum security prison.

Took a meteor and shattered it on impact without a scratch.

Fell to earth unharmed.

Ate a grenade.

Destroyed an alien race