Asura vs Simon

Asura (Asura's Wrath) vs Simon The Digger (Gurren Lagann). If you have a UniVS template with a picture of the two to replace the pictures, feel free. Comment your opinion on who would win and if you'd like to see this as an episode.


These two are men strong willed and will never give up when a loved one is in danger. They willingly went to face off against beings many times stronger than themselves, but they won. They've also had someone dear to them die, boosting their wills to fight. The final battles they've faced were both on different planes of existence. Also their bitter sweet endings are the same, but with different circumstances. Asura beat Chakravartin, knowing that he would die, then faded away in a touching moment with his daughter as his wrath disappeared. Simon beat the Anti-Spiral, knowing Nia would cease to exist, Then she faded away in a touching moment with him as they got married.


I'm not actually completely sure on this one. They've both shown massive feats that could turn the tide either way. I'll go with Simon though. Between the two, I think Simon's sheer willpower has overcome so much, at every moment since his transformation from a kid to man, he hasn't wavered. Although Asura is a strong warrior, his anger just hasn't shown the ability to overcome like Simon's will has. Since this is basically a battle of will vs wrath, I think the man who has the will to pierce the heavens just because he can, will beat the man who has the wrath to die just for the sake of vengeance.

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