Batman (DC Comics) VS Wolverine (Marvel Comics)


The pointy ears, the tragic backstories, the take no crap from anyone attitude, these two fighters are extremely skilled martial artists and masters of using fear as a weapon

Batman vs wolverine


EliteSlinger24: this fight really depends on if Batman is given prep time, if Batman has prep time he could easily find a way to defeat Wolverine, but you might say what about Wolverines healing factor, you don't have to kill someone to defeat them, if Batman doesn't have prep time he wouldn't have any special weapons to take down Wolverine and even though he would put up quite a fight Wolverine would definitely outlast Batman and could easily kill him at any second with his Adamantium claws.

DMUA: UniVS rule number one: No prep time. So, Batman isn't quite the Darkseid killing monster he's known for. That being said, I don't see a way for Batman to be able to beat Wolverine with his normal gear, especially with that pesky "no killing" rule.

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