• Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Jimmy: We have reach a conclusion now time to figure out who would win once and for all

    Timmy: The show opens the shining and the fight begins, Go!

    Yu Hamada was out on a mission to bring in Roy Heartrose while the other were on there missions walking in a forest calmly till he found his target after sometime he saw a shadow and shot a blast of electricity to the shadow which avoided who really Roy Heartrose

    Roy: What the hell kid you should go

    Yu Hamada: Sorry I on a mission to bring you down even with force

    Roy had conflicting ideals about his threat but he just decided to throw some fire to scare the kid away but when he throw the fire it didn’t work heck it made worse

    Yu Hamada: Oh want to battle then so be it


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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Jimmy: Lightning and fire

    Timmy: the most hottest elements relatively speaking

    Jimmy: I don think that means what you think. Add in siblings with one of these powers who would win

    Timmy: Yu Hamada younger brother of Zero

    Jimmy: Roy Heartrose royalty?

    Timmy: Anywho I’m Timmy and he’s Jimmy we here to see the stats of these two characters and see Who. Would. Win.

    Yu Hamada

    Jimmy: A younger brother to zero.

    Timmy: his parents got a divorce when Yu was 2 his mom take Yu and the father is force to have zero and Yu step-farther last name is Hamada so his last name was change.

    Jimmy: then when he was 5 he was in a accident that gave him lightning powers and his step-father and mom tried to have Yu to control his powers.

    Timmy: but they fall so they abounde…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well with the title I decided to put Andrew vs Zero on hold cause I want to do another fight but for the fight after that that’s the tricky part so I made a poll to decide the next match with three candidates but for the next time we’ll here the hint which is hotter fire or lightning and here the link

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well I decided to just make it to the ones I have but there be some things I most likely get the characters personally wrong but I about to start production of the first episode and the just research thing well the Metal Sonic vs Cyberius is delay and Joey vs Dante and the hunter ark is push back to season two but Alpha vs Victor will come out before season two lastly the new pliot for the oc fighting show is Joey vs Crash we giving that another try so that all the news

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well to put this simply I want to make a OC total drama and I want about 40 OCs and there will be 4 teams of 10 and here the team names and I will put the OC on one of the team and you can decide the team names


    Ironic the heagehog


    Grade Wilson


    Eric Jonson

    Link Kara

    Beck the slayer



    Fei Lure

    Rhino Steele


    Mako stride

    Justin Noire

    Aaron Young


    Yu Hamada


    Galen Avel

    Luke Nephilim


    Cole Starus

    Aika Totoro



    Rick Cartman


    Roy Heartrose

    Grimi Locura


    Sutekina Itazura

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    May or may not contain resherch


    It was unusual day for Alpha first he went on a misson to stop pirates then end in France and don’t know the ware abouts of the members then he got a call

    Alpha: Y..ellow

    ???: Alpha we have a mission

    Alpha: What is it

    ???: Well there a group called Nexis and the top 3 members are around places well in different places but I contacting the others to handle the other 2

    Alpha: Then who do I have and is he close

    ???: It a person called victor and he on top of the building to your left

    Alpha: Okay thanks*hangs up* Okay *turns to his left to find victor on the building and try to get up*

    Victor: Okay Wait who that man climbing up

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well this round of fighters are Cyberius and Metal Sonic

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well to answer the question I say about 7 matches and though I can’t revel the matches I can revel the people for the rest

    Existing characters


    Metal Sonic



    Yu Hamada

    Joey Jones


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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well it’s me the endless and here today round of fighters Rick Cartman And McCree. McCree and Rick will be at 8-C and Now onto the summary

    Story Rick was just another cowboy living in the ol' west. He kept his hat up and had a stare that scared even the sheriff of his town. However, after getting himself in a freak train wreck, ol' Rick was never the same.

    See, back in his town there was a mad scientist who personally believed he could save Rick's life. And he did! Of course, Rick's left arm was missing and was replaced with a mechanical arm that turned into a large revolver.

    With this new fangled arm, Rick went about commitin' crimes left and right. He robbed this here bank and that there bank and was all around unstoppable. Until of course …

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    It’s a me endless and today fighters are Alpha a flaming hunter and frank castle hawk the Punisher and for Alpha he will be at 7-C and Punisher will be at 8-A and now the summary

    Story One day a baby was born, but a stray bullet came through the window and killed the mother right as the baby came out. Although brought into life through tragedy, this baby would go on to be one of the greatest forces for good in the world, and that baby's name was Alpha.

    When Alpha was a boy, his family was poor, so poor in fact that they could barely afford clothes. He grew up in a bad part of town where people were often run over, shot, and occasionally, even shot at with building busting rockets, and this is the kind of place he was homeless. Alpha then go…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well it’s a me endless and welcome to the new show Just Research And Results And our first round of fighters are Ruby Rose and Link Kara and Ruby will be 8-A and Link will be high 8-B and now The summery

    Link Kara is a young sophomore who is living a rather normal life. That is a mysterious creature nearly killed Link, rather than the attack scarring him, it instead makes him question of what happened. A few days after the attack, a transfer student named Shillane turned out to be an entity different from a human. She was an Arc-Dawnist. Link didn't know this for a quite long time seeing her as a regular school girl but until she revealed that she was indeed an Arc-Dawnist came to the conclusion that Link was rather interested in this "Arc…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well time to put another show on my hands to juggle around and we’ll you read the title and to put it simply this show will basically be univs but with a existing Charather vs OCs and FCs so here the first three episodes in no particular order

    1:Alpha vs Punisher (Marvel Comics) (Completed)

    2:Link Kara vs Ruby Rose (RWBY) (Completed)

    3:Rick Cartman vs Mccreee (Overwatch)

    But some rules


    The fight will have 1 day of research

    There can be rematch’s

    Characters will be put at the most fair circumstances so the match’s will be even. So that all goodbye

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006


    December 14, 2017 by Endlesspossibilities 2006


    May or may not contain research


    Just one minute


    It was like any other day it was fine no chaos ensues until tonight. The city was mostly quiet and thing were basically the same except a robber with bags of money and Joey was out to stop him and at the same time Crash and Draco were out to stop the Robber


    “I think I should test my ultimate robot on that random heagehog”Dr.zane said and then he open up the time and dimensions machine and thrown a metal case into it with the ultimate robot inside and landed just a few feet ahead from crash and Draco

    Back to the chase

    Crash and Draco saw the steel,dented,and rectangular and the case open revealing (what you already know) the ultimate robot and try to attack both

    “Go ahea…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well I been thinking about a OC about an soul that taking golden sword body and will grow stronger will with good of heart person and here the holders and how long did they have the sword

    Clement (1689-1719) the sword

    Nathen dale (1721-1744)1st holder

    Quint Nathen (1745-1760)2st holder

    Aeon Buleworth (1762-1786)3th holder

    Tommy Risotto (1787-1800) 4th holder

    Tim Oldwoods (1801-1821) 5th holder

    Red Hardman (1829-1847) 6th holder

    Rim Heagemen (1848-1853) 7th holder holder

    Edward Colman (1858-1889) 8th holder

    James Michigan (1893-1923) 9th holder

    Thomas Miguel (1930-1954) 10th holder

    Jospeh Gowen (1963-1988) 11th holder

    Emily Strongwood (1991-2012) 12th holder

    Kai Bluerooth (2012-present) 13th holder

    As for for all of them I will give them forms and the po…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006


    Fights may or may not have research


    Just one minute


    It was like any other day it was fine no chaos ensues until tonight. The city was mostly quiet and thing were basically the same except a robber with bags of money and Joey was out to stop him and at the same time Crash and Draco were out to stop the Robber


    “I think I should test my ultimate robot on that random heagehog”Dr.zane said and then he open up the time and dimensions machine and thrown a metal case into it with the ultimate robot inside and landed just a few feet ahead from crash and Draco

    Back to the chase

    Crash and Draco saw the steel,dented,and rectangular and the case open revealing (what you already know) the ultimate robot and try to attack both

    “Go a…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well the name isn’t final but here the season and some Arks with the season and I will also use some existing characters

    Update:12-13-2017: change Austin powers vs Simmons to Marty Mcfly vs Simmons

    The Joey Jones vs Crash the heagehog ark process: done

    Crash vs ultimate robot:Completed

    Joey vs Draco:Completed

    The hunters Ark process:Delay

    Alpha vs Victor the brasher:Working

    Joey Jones vs Cynthia the Nexis holder:not started

    Mason the vampire vs Zero:not started

    Time and Dimension paradox Ark process:getting started

    Ray West vs Rick Cartman:not started

    Tai vs Justin Noire:not started

    Link vs Link Kara:not started

    Marty Mcfly vs Simmons:not started

    Scout vs Vic:yet to be work on

    Hira vs the Medic:not started

    Can’t revel for now

    Shirley valentine vs Luffy:not…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well sorry but due to some problems Luke versus Shirley is delay and for the new pliot it is Zero vs Andrew hopefully it will not be delay

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well it will be a bit before Season 2 But here the season planned for now

    Episode 1:Ironic vs Crash

    Episode 2:Gavel vs Alpha

    Episode 3:Roy Gregory vs Roy Heartrose

    Episode 4:Andrew vs (to be seen)

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Well you read the title and let’s cut to the chase I may change the season finale so here the choices

    Endlesspossibilities2006 vs Cinhorrow (sorry if I get the name wrong)

    Leo vs Magey vs m3Atl0afman

    Leo vs Endlesspossibilities2006

    Cinhorrw vs Leo

    Magey vs m3Atl0afman

    Leo vs Magey

    Leo vs m3Atl0afman

    Endlesspossibilities2006 vs Magey

    Endlesspossibilities2006 vs m3Atl0afman

    Dr.Zane vs Ironic the heagehog

    So you can vote which is the best candidates for seasons

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    (Shows Timmy and jimmy still on the floor)

    Jimmy:(get up and Sees Timmy on the floor) Get up.

    Timmy:Ugg what happened.

    Jimmy:You were paralyze and I was shot by a jimmy Johns worker.

    Timmy:Well we have a fight to do.

    Jimmy:Right. Well the missons are set and treasure to find I can see the results so it time to end this debate once and for all

    Timmy:It Time for a OCC! Now I going to eat my sandwich


    (Opens with the flaming hunters in a helicopter)

    “Flaming Hunters do you copy,”. Said a random person

    “Yes and what the misson again,”. Said Luke Nephilim

    “Well we caught a leaf of the mirage um well I don’t know the whole name but we think that they are at the deck s…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Timmy:Okay this our second try at a pliot and why this one out of all the rest.

    Jimmy:This is just interesting wait is the camera on.

    Timmy:Let me see it Yep it on oh no quickly get all Set while I restarting it.

    Jimmy:okay getting it.

    (Someone knocks on the door)

    Timmy:I got this it.

    (Opens door)

    Random person:jimmy Johns.

    Timmy:here twenty dollars keep the change. (Grabs bag and close the door)

    Timmy:got lunch.

    Jimmy:And I got the equipment and starting it in five four three....

    (Timmy runs to the camra with jimmy Johns bag)

    Timmy:Okay start the show.

    Jimmy:Aright before we start bets.

    Timmy:I say Shirley Valentine.

    Jimmy:While I say Luke Nephilim.

    Timmy:Twenty dollars on who wins.


    (Jimmy starts the camera)

    Timmy:Royalty a place that you in cha…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Welcome to OCC News. Today’s news is the delay of Joey versus Crash Well the creator said “with no ideas and I want to do a research OC fight I will change it to a another fight and that Luke Nephilim versus Shirley Valentine and also I will nickname the fights so the pliot fight name is....Wanted Kings and Queens,”. Okay with that done another news is that the creator will make a spin-off that basically like DBX but follow up on a battle in OCC and that all we know up to this point. Next up is a prediction on Wanted Kings and Queens here my prediction note this most likely not all be correct and this is my first thoughts by a advantages and disadvantages chart now show my thoughts

    Shirley Valentine:Winner

    +better DC

    +Better combat smarts


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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Jimmy:The votes have been counted up,the lights are on,the fighters enter,and the results are in

    Timmy:It Time for these original characters to collide

    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Joey Jones was of to stop Zane since the rest of his team were busy on missons Alpha was with Will Lee trying to protect a town,Yu Hamada is undercover,and Zero is trying to find a ice place in Antarctica I think. As he getting closer to Zane,Zane was rebuilding his machine that can go through dimensions and time and was almost finish and he noticed Joey was getting closer so he have his bots to distract him and then he was finish and Joey got though and was about to hit zane but lucky Zane …

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    ???:Life is a delightful thing that we should be proud of

    ???:but there are always deaths

    ???:and usually when you die you will not be bring back to life

    ???: but these two combatants who died and returned back to life somewhat and fighting for good

    ???:Like Joey Jones a member of flaming hunters

    ???:and Crash sonic brother

    Timmy: Hi I Timmy and he jimmy

    Jimmy: and do we have to complete sentences all the season

    Timmy:Saddly yes and we here to research these two oc of there weapons,armor,and skills to get to the final results and see the original characters collide

    Timmy:When he was born, Crash already had a rarity for mobian newborns, two primary fur Colors!

    Jimmy:Tho his main colour was red, his forehead hair, ears, and quill tips were completely…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006


    October 7, 2017 by Endlesspossibilities 2006

    This will be a thing I will do and this show is kind of death battle,FFC,All star showdown,etc but the first name I will give it would be Original Character Who Would Win it stupid but that my first name for it and here the season one line up so far

    Episode 1:(post pointed) Joey Jones vs Crash the heagehog (just something nomal before a tragedy that change there life's forever)

    Episode 2:Andrew vs Zero (at first a bad life then things got better but for one it got worse and was separated from there brothers)

    Episode 3:Layla Li vs Steven soul (nomal people that died and return to get revenge)

    Episode 4:Alpha vs Link Kara (Reboot) (was invited to something and leads a team)

    Episode 5:Aika Totoro vs Justin Noire (Black and have something against t…

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Oh hello there what is this well it a tournament but some rules RULES Only OC

    Winner will be decided by coin toss

    The loser will ether be Killed or knock out and will also be decided by coin toss

    Only 32 OC in this

    Just put two of your OC in here


    2:Yu Hamada































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  • EliteSlinger24

    Once again it seems that OC Fights is going into the process where it takes forever for a new episode to come out, and then it dies. I am a really big fan of OC fights because it gives people that have made characters a chance to interact with other people who have made OCs, we definatly have enough OCs for at least another month of content and i have a bunch of OCs that i was going to post but now i am kinda losing interest, it is extremely hard to get ahold of Leopold because i dont have discord, it has been more than a month since he has made a video that had anything to do with OC fights. if anyone caan get ahold of Leo they should ask him why its taking so long

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  • EliteSlinger24


    August 10, 2017 by EliteSlinger24

    I just had an interesting idea while sitting here dieing of boredom, a comic where the OCs cross over into one universe to stop a villian who can wipe out every OCs Universe, all we need is some artists and some dedicated users with absolutely nothing better to do.

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  • DMUA


    August 9, 2017 by DMUA
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  • DMUA

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  • DMUA

    So, I bet a few of you were wondering about the status of Dwindaly Xavi and Faux Fun. Well fear not! I have just been given permission from their creator to reboot them!

    So, I'll get around to rebooting them so that we can pit them in fantastic duels!

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    NOTE: I will do some blogs with my OC and now on with the show

    Yu: here we are the festival of fate.
    Alpha: why did you enter me,Joey,and Zero.
    Yu: because this could be fun and I like to fight.
    Alpha: okay then well you could have at least bought will.
    Yu: forgot that will on a mission and I think we should go in the stadium to get good seats and to see who will we fight.
    Joey: fine the quicker we do this the quicker I get to relax.
    "They went into the stadium and went in they seats:

    Announcer: welcome to the festival of fate and I jest going to cut to the Case the first battle will be...........the flaming hunters vs.......the nicks Read more >
  • DMUA


    July 16, 2017 by DMUA

    What.... No... NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Roymaster11

    Link was running through the ruined city, his home destroyed as it rained upon the city. "Mother.. where are you, please be alive!" just as he was running, he saw Roy Heartrose on the ground struggling to get up. "Roy!?" he then darted his eyes back to the boy, his name was Aaron Young, Aaron knew what Link was thinking, "Wait, I can explain, I swear.. it was self defense!" Link clenched his fist.. "In a place and time like this? I have a hard time believing you.." he grabbed Ocean Waves taking them out and spun them around getting into a fighting stance, "I also have a hard time trusting you, I don't care if you are or not part of the villains, I'm not letting you get away harming my friends!" 

    (Cue-Nightmare Fiction II ) 

    "This... is all b…

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  • DMUA

    So, as you may or may not know, I'm apart of OC Battle Arena, which is a spin-off of OC fights. Anyway, in that community, I have written out several battles, in which Jack and some other heroes show off their feats. Here are several links to these things:

    Jack's fight with the Harbinger of Death:

    Jack facing off with warg (whom won't appear on the wiki, since he can't really be made in Tekken 7's customization):

    I also made a comedy series, starring Shukaku (which I now realize I shouldn't have put on the wiki, but oh well, no tears over spilt milk.)


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  • Roymaster11

    Hello! My name is Roymaster11, and I'll be discussing the possible upgrades for the following characters below!

    Ahh, the main character of Heroes Unite, this upgrade has Link being capable of now attacking on the offensive with a move called "Swift Rain" and with this he can use his Affinity WITHOUT breaking his legs at 10%. With Swift Rain he is capable of using his Affinity poured onto his legs increasing his kicking power being capable to smash a boulder to pieces. Link has a possible Light Manipulation due to his father having light manipulation.

    Roy Heartrose has now developed a new technique, with being capable of using his Affinity in shortbursts.

    Alright, that's all I really need to show you, Heroes Unite is onwards to Season 3 as of …

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  • DMUA

    Seriously? What is even.... Aghh..... They downplayed #18 so much in explaination... Gah, I'm done.

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  • LeopoldTheBrave
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  • DMUA


    June 13, 2017 by DMUA

    So.... Yeah. I'm into Bleach. I'm only in the soul society ark though. Bankai just became a thing.

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  • LeopoldTheBrave

    What could it be!?

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  • LeopoldTheBrave

    Well would you look at that! Succubus tails are available in TEKKEN 7 ;D If you have a seductive succubus character, now would be the time to show her off!

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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    Just writing notes of research for Efina from LiEat. I wanted to research her for awhile and I need a secret location to take notes. So here I go:

    • Beat someone consumed by lies

    • Took blows from someone who was consumed by lies

    • Rather illiterate
    • Basically a newborn
    • Doesn't recognize illegal activity
    • Doesn't know when to stop talking

    • Basically a newborn

    • Able to almost instantly recognize and eat lies
      • Can also eat truths but she finds them disgusting
      • Cannot recognize clever lies
      • "The opposite of lying about is a not-lie which is the anti-opposite of a fakely untrue lie."
    • Can breath fire
    • Smells out lies
    • Can sprout wings and horns but it takes tons of energy out of her

    • Person who was consumed by lies could take down a vampire with relative ease

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  • DMUA


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  • PineappleGuy Carmine

    Should there be some kind of category to expand on a group of OC's universes?

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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    With the creation of Malfos, Alice Mandrake may start using tabbers. I want to extend upon this universe I created so expect more Star Children.

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  • LeopoldTheBrave
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  • LeopoldTheBrave
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  • LeopoldTheBrave

    Maui VS Hercules

    March 21, 2017 by LeopoldTheBrave
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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    To be perfectly honest I am highly interested in the idea that Who should he fight? The Terminator created. The idea is simple, a character is posted and people give their ideas as to who they should fight. I decided to try and improve the idea in a simple way and tried to create a format to suggesting characters. I believe there should be a rule with this however.

    • You may only suggest ONE character. You may not suggest another until the character you've perviously suggested has appeared on UniVS.

    Simple, however I'm not sure how many people will follow this rule. Anyway here is the format for the character suggestion.

    Who would be a good opponent for t? Leave your suggestions and opinions below.

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  • DMUA

    I may or may not add a bunch of my OCs from Jack's universe onto the wiki, dispite lazyness and feeling like a OC fight hoarder.

    Here's a list of names:

    Natasha Reed, The Ethereal Witch

    John Freeman, The American Icon

    Nositi, The Magic wielding bear

    Stacy Reed, The Time warping speedster

    Brian Reed, Tough guy

    Norman Reed, the Psyho mage.

    And perhaps more! The choice is MINE MINE MINE MINE!


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