Brian is the middle child of the Reeds,whom holds a huge physical stature over his siblings. Despite this, he isn't entirely keen on pointless violence. However, if you give him a reason to fight, prepare for a world of hurt from Captain Shocker.


He is a Reed. Reeds don't live normal lives. The End.


He prefers to avoid fighting, but can be a furious fighter.


He has spiked Blonde hair, similar to Gohan, and usually wears a black T-shirt. He has Green eyes, grey jeans, and his bone-steel gauntlets glow a shade of light green, and themselves look silvery in nature. He's also a pretty big dude, standing at 6'0 tall and weighing in at 260 pounds, 80% of which is pure muscle.

Powers and Stats


Name:Brian Reed

Superhero name: Captain Shocker

Origin: OC (Jack of all trades)


Age: 30

Classification: Human with magic abilities

Powers and Abilities:

Brian can manipulate a few elements, such as:

  • Earth
  • Energy
  • Metal
  • Flesh

He also has Natural Mid-Low regeneration he inherited from his father, and can use flesh manipulation to amplify it to Low-high

Attack Potency:5-C. (Can easily smash through several of the mad creator's false planets.)

Speed:Sub-Relativistic+ (Can somewhat keep up with his family)|FTL.

Lifting Strength:Class E. (Lifts enormous weights equivalent to this in training)

Striking Strength:NJ+.

Durability:Moon Level (Can put up with attacks from the likes of Shukaku and Norman)

Stamina: Usually a few weeks.

Range: Manipulation can effect anything he can sense, and the crusher punch usually reaches across a city block.

Standard Equipment:

Brian has a pair of gauntlets called Adalric, which allow Brian to control the shockwaves of his punches, allowing him to knock around opponents.

Intelligence:Genius (Can keep up with his family.)


Mana can run out, and healing factor isn't impressive in comparison to other characters in fiction.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Brian has mastery in boxing, as well as American wrestling. He can keep quite skilled fighters on their toes with his power-based style.

Crusher punch: Brian takes a mighty swing, then uses the shockwaves to crush his opponent.

Key:Base speed|Ethereal Speed.


  • Restrained 345 with the Crusher punch
  • Scales to such powerhouses as Shukaku and Norman
  • Can punch down the mad creator's false planets
  • Regenerated from having his arm crushed in a matter of minutes.
  • Is the only Reed with spiked hair.

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