Cole Starus is the Universes Greatest Hero, fighting alongside the Universes Core using the Galaxy Force and his fighting skills to protect the Universe from anything that threatens it.


Cole s

In the year 3000 a large spaceship is attacking earth, and as this is happening a young boy runs through the wreckage of a city looking for his parents, only to find them dead. Luckily, Earth's forces were able to fend off the spaceship, and ever since that day the boy swore that he would avenge his parents.That boy's name was Cole Starus. Cole traveled the world for years and trained with the greatest fighters on earth, he strived to be the strongest, the fastest, the best he could possibly be. After several years of this, Cole returned to find that a lot had changed since the first attack on earth, and The Universes Core had been created to protect the galaxy from evil.

But, as the threats grew more and more frequent, Cole could no longer sit back and watch, as a super powered alien destroys the city the Universes Core is doing their best to take down the threat, but then suddenly Cole Starus approaches the alien, the Universes soldiers tell him to evacuate the city while he still could, "I don't run from a fight" Cole says as he runs at the alien, Cole relied on he years of training to keep up with the super powered villain, and surprisingly Cole won, Cole was then noticed by the Universes Core for his bravery and was recruited as a Universes agent.

Sadly, on Cole's tour of the Universes headquarters, the Universes Core's supply of Galaxy Force energy (the most powerful energy source in the entire universe, no mortal man can wield its true power) caused a massive explosion that killed millions and left Cole in a 12 year comma. After Cole awoke he found that he now had increased strength, speed, durability, agility, and stamina, and also lost his ability to age, but also found that the Universes Core was rebuilt and now protects the entire universe from the evil Dominaxian Core.

But, on one of Cole's missions he was faced off against another Galaxy Force wielder known as Coravac, a member of the Dominaxian Core who was sent to earth to kill him. But, during the fight Cole revealed another ability, he could harness the pure Galaxy Force energy inside him and use it to access different forms, each form increasing his powers dramatically. He used this new ability to defeat Coravac, and swore to protect the Universe for as long as he lived.


Cole is cocky and usually doesn't take things seriously unless they are extremely threatening, but Cole's personality can quickly change to a more serious attitude if necessary, Cole usually underestimates his opponents since he knows that the Galaxy Force makes him incredibly powerful, usually in fights Cole will not access a stronger form unless Cole believes his opponent is strong enough, and since his powers are so powerful Cole often holds back his Galaxy Force powers, but when push comes to shove you can bet Cole isn't afraid to use his powers and show his opponents not to mess with him

Powers and Stats

Tier: (Base Form): High 8-C (Galaxy Burst Form): 6-A (Golden Form): 5-A (Dark Form): High 4-B (Pure Form): 3-A

Name: Cole Starus (coal) (star-us)

Aliases: The Mohawk Sentinel, The Universes Greatest hero

Origin: OC (The Universes)

Gender: Male

Age: 23 (Physically Permanent)

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, Agility, and Stamina, Galaxy Force wielder, expert martial artist

Attack Potency: (Base Form): Large Building level (has punched enemies through buildings reducing them to rubble

(Galaxy Burst Form): Continent level (has used an energy blast so powerful it destroyed an entire continent)

(Golden Form): Large or Multi-Planet level (has blasted a beam of energy through three planets simultaneously)

(Dark Form): Solar System level (with a single punch Cole created a shockwave that destroyed an entire solar system)

(Pure Form): Universal+ (Cole has destroyed an entire Universe and its timeline in this form)

Speed: (Base Form): Subsonic (dodged punches faster than the eye can track)

(Galaxy Burst Form): Hypersonic+ (has kept up with spaceships that can easily reach this speed)

(Golden Form): Speed of Light (has flown to planets at this speed with ease)

(Dark Form): Massively FTL (in one of Cole's many battles he used this form in a fight against a character who could move and fight at the speed of light, and in this form his attacks were several times faster)

(Pure Form): Infinite Speed (in this form Cole was able to keep up with a galaxy force god who can be anywhere at anytime)

Lifting Strength: (Base Form): Class M (has lifted zordainium the heaviest metal in the universe)

(Galaxy Burst Form): Class T (has torn a Dominaxian warship in half)

(Golden Form): Class Z (has pushed a large planet into another planet to kill one of his enemies)

(Dark Form): Stellar (has lifted a star and threw it at another planet)

(Pure Form): Universal (has ripped an entire universe in half when in a battle with a Galaxy Force god)

Striking Strength: (Base Form): Class GJ

(Galaxy Burst Form): Class XJ

(Golden Form): Class XMJ

(Dark Form): Class XGJ

(Pure Form): Universal+

Durability: (Base, Galaxy Burst, Golden): Galaxy Level (Dark): Universe Level (Pure): Invincible (thanks to the Galaxy Force, Cole can regenerate from even the strongest attacks, as he has proven time and time again when he has faced gods, and other galaxy force wielders)

Stamina: Cole can fight for months if necessary thanks to the Galaxy Force's energy

Range: Melee Range

Standard Equipment: Cole has several different weapons in his arsenal that are provided by the Universes Core

Uni-Pistol: pistols that run of concentrated galaxy force energy making them similar to laser pistols

Uni-Sword: a sword with a blade of concentrated Galaxy Force energy which acts like a laser, and can cut through almost any material

Uni-Shield: this shield is nearly indestructible and can also activate a buzz saw like blade of concentrated Galaxy Force energy similar to the blade of the Uni-Sword

Uni 2: the Uni 2 is the suit that Cole is equipped with, it may look like a simple suit but in reality it is a heavy duty piece of tech, the Uni 2 is highly durable and is in sync with Cole's mind and weapons, which allows Cole to teleport any of his weapons to his hand at any time no matter where his weapons are, which allows Cole to not have to carry his weapons around with him, the Uni 2 also has the ability to detach itself from Cole and fight on its own, it can also heal Coles wounds over time

Uni-grenades: the Uni grenades are small bombs in the shape of the Universes Core symbol that Cole has on his chest, when thrown theses grenades will attach to its target and detonate

Tech Suits: one of Cole's go to options when not using his powers, these suits have special abilities unique to the suit you use, these suits are contained in small emblems similar to the one on Cole's chest, and when put on Cole's chest they cover him in a suit, some of these suits include

Strength suit: this suit covers Cole in a mech that increases his strength dramatically and can take quite a beating

Speed suit: this suit increases Cole's speed dramatically

Absorption suit: one of Cole's most useful tech suits, this suit allows Cole to absorb the energy from punches, energy blasts, blackholes, explosions, you name it the suit can absorb it, after the energy is absorbed Cole can either use it to increase his stats, create energy blasts, or even access different forms.

Intelligence: Genius ​(Cole was able to reprogram one of Coltrons clones, which no other scientist was able to do)

​Combat Strategist: ​thanks to Coles training he is extremely gifted in combat

Weaknesses: ​unfortunately for Cole in order to access a different form he has to build up a certain amount of Galaxy force energy, while his abilities do require Galaxy Force energy they do not require very much to use allowing Cole to use them consistently one after the other, or multiple abilities at the same time. But on the other hand his forms do require more Galaxy Force energy to use

Notable Attacks/Techniques: ​when Cole first got his Galaxy force abilities he was barely scraping the surface of what the Galaxy Force was able to do, so he was tought by the Galaxy Force elders, anceint beings who have unlocked the Galaxy Force's true potential, he was then tought to use these techniques

Korrokhan:​ this technique uses the Galaxy Force to unlock its wielder in rage and use it as a weapon, when Cole uses Korrokhan he becomes increasingly more serious and dangerous, not to mention it increases his strength making him an even more deadly

Korroshin: ​this technique is the exact opposite of Korrokhan, Korroshin focuses more on being at peace with ones self, which allows Cole to slow down his perception of time allowing him to calculate his attacks more precisely

Reality Breaker: The Reality Breaker is an ability that Cole was taught by the Galaxy Force elders, it is an ability that allows Cole to use the galaxy force to almost break through reality but only for Cole, meaning that if Cole was being affected by an ability that effects Cole in a way that also alters the Galaxy Force, Cole can break out of the effects of the ability being used on him using the Galaxy Force and would no longer be affected by the ability, sadly this ability can only last for 30-40 seconds before the breach in reality closes

Galaxy Force eye: this ability allows Cole to see into the future via Galaxy Force energy, Cole can see only a few seconds into the future, and it takes some galaxy force energy to use

Coles Forms: Cole has the ability to use the Galaxy Force to enter ​different forms, in every form except Base Form Cole can fire blasts of Galaxy Force energy out of his hands, and can also survive in space

Base Form: ​this is Coles regular form, in this form he still has his inhanced strength, speed, etc.

Galaxy Burst Form: ​Coles fourth strongest form gives him the ability to fly and shoot powerful blasts of Galaxy Force energy and increases his stats

Golden Form:​ Coles third strongest form gives him the ability to manipulate Golden Galaxy Force energy which is more powerful than regular Galaxy Force energy, and increases Coles stats

Dark Form: ​Coles second strongest form, Cole can access this form if he gives into his hate or sadness, but in some cases if Cole can harness enough energy he can also access this form, this form has quite the array of abilities such as, in this form he can drain the life force of his opponents, the longer he is in this form the stronger he gets, and last but not least if he is in this form for to long he will lose all control and will not stop destroying until there is nothing left in his way. The only way for Cole to desperse from this form is if he is no longer feeling emotions of hate or sadness, which will cut him off from the dark Galaxy Force energy and revert him back to base form

Pure Form: ​Coles strongest form, in this form Cole is pure Galaxy Force energy and cannot take any damage, in this form Cole also has the ability to transfer Galaxy Force energy into anything from his enemies to machinery which he can do from any distance, and then he can do either of two things, he will manipulate the Galaxy Force inside of it and control or destroy it, or since the Galaxy Force has to choose its wielder, it will most likely destroy what ever it has been transferred into instantly, but there is one down side to this form, it only lasts for a couple minutes and once it disperses Cole is left with out his powers for months


  • Fought in a 2,000 year war and won
  • Lifted the heaviest metal in the universe
  • Tore a Dominaxian warship the size of a large mountain in half
  • Destroyed an entire fleet of Dominaxian warships by himself
  • Defeated the gods of space, time, and reality
  • Has ripped an entire Universe in half in Pure form
  • Defeated an entire army of the Dominaxian Core's most skilled warriors in Base Form
  • Defeated the evil Galaxy Force God Zorvatar who is easily multiversal

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