Born form the mind of a kid god,Ace Cringe block(last name became lower cased due to some kind of pay back) was dubbed. Now they both have a love hate relation ship. Cringe likes to prank people all the time,you know whoopee cushions and what not and Zeno has a serious attitude. Now you would think that they would hate each other but they do care for each other.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

One day Cringe block Decided to play a typical prank on a man on the bench. All wrinkly and short with a black robe. "Pie to the face" Cringe yelled out. As he pulled a lemon pie out of no where and Bam. What happened next would pretty much seal Cringe's fate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Bam! Lightning pulled up as the man began to transform from a old washed up man to a guy with a skeleton head and a reaper scythe appears before him."So! you like playing prank's do you" He said with a cricking voice. "Ha pranked! you should of seen your face!" Cringe began laughing hard. "Well then fool lets see how you like it!"                                                                                                                                                                

Just as cringe was about to say a quip the mysterious skeleton froze time and opened a portal and shoved him as time unfroze. "Oooooffff!" As cringe fell to the mysterious world. "Kids these days should treat an elder with respect!" He exclaimed as he teleport's to somewhere ominous... Mean while Cringe finds himself in a new world filled with monsters and demons around him and... "I gotta get back home" He said as he gets out dual rocket launchers and ventures out into the unknown.


Prankster type block that enjoys a good laugh and prank. He also has an mlg style and is kinda cocky. Gets serious with his fighting but retains his joking attitude.



Mlg "Bro"

Powers and Stats

Tier:8-A (normal mode)| 7-B (Hyper mode)

Name:Cringe block

Origin:??? roblox I guess.

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: Block humanoid.

Powers and Abilities: Force field invincible to all attacks for the allotted time but can still be knocked back with shock waves. (On for 10 seconds with a 4 minute cool down. Pocket logic which he can pull his arsenal out of no where instantly. Double jump (20 feet range) Oof Noise to distract foes and for gags to leave them open. F stand Can imbune punches and kicks with fire that enflames his arm. (3 punches and 3 kicks and has a cool down of 1 minute.)

Attack Potency:7-C| 7-B

Speed:High Hypersonic (movement speed and becomes slightly faster in mlg mode.) |Massively Hypersonic+ (reaction time when he dodged Cracos lightning rounds point blank. )

Lifting Strength:Class 100 (Lifted a large tank then threw it 24 feet away)|Class K (In mlg mode he had to lift a mechanical whale form collapsing on a micro village)

Striking Strength:Class GJ| Class PJ ( Mlg mode punches can shake large citys at 100% of his current power)

Durability:Town level ( Damaged badly when he was in the field of a nuke.)

Stamina: 21 hour's of dodgeing projectiles and fighting Cyber Inferno

Range: 2000 feet with ranged weapons to 3-9 feet with swords and melee and 5 or 4 feet with punches and kicks.

Standard Equipment:                                                                                                                                          

Dual rocket launchers(Can blow up entire building's with 8 ammo count for each.

sword of the mist (Sword which ninjas use to become invisible for 25 seconds with a 5 minute cool down.)

Banana peal's (This banana peal is so op it caused Godzilla himself to trip and fall down (carry's 9 and disappears after 18 seconds.)   Hex shooter (As fast as lightning it fires a single round of bullets but at the least it stuns foes and has 8 ammo count)

Speedster shoes (He drinks blaze drink which gives him a speed buff for 4 minutes and he has only one pair)

Cake ( Cake that's so good that the smell alone stuns the foe for 12 seconds before it molds into the worse smell of your life (Cringe is immune to the smell. and has a 6 minute cool down.)

Ninja stars: Standard one's that Cringe carry's 25 of em. 

Ninja bombs Ninja bombs that yells out "Ninja!" and does a room level explosion used only for gags. (On him and carry's 4.) Horn's he can take off at anytime to ram their opponent. 

Omega charger: A huge 4 feet rocket launcher that does a city level explosion that does heavy damage (1 ammo and 1 day cool down.)

BAN hammer ( A 10 ton hammer that (thor's range) but if a hit is landed it will deal continuous electric damage that lasts for 4 seconds and that effect as a 25% chance of working.)

Pie (Where Cringe pulls out pie of no where and Bam! The pie also has a bitter lemon taste like really bitter >:) carry's 7)
                                                                                                                                                                              Pistol (Common one that has a 8 ammo count.)

Adjudicators wrath (A blade that is thin and has dark roots. It can fire demon blasts thats building level. (Can do this 10 times with a 2 minute cool down) and can do precise damage. as it can cut through building material.

Blackhole ray (Like the mega man one it just suck you in and spins you around not into actual space with a 6 ammo count and lasts for 16 seconds.)
                                                                                                                                                                                Sticky bombs (carry's 6 as he can stick it to anything and has a room level explosion.)

And finally his mlg master sword( This sword is 14 feet long which Cringe wields with skill as he has defeated Skilled swords men who trained for 25 years with this sword.)  (Some how the mlg sword accesses his dormant swords block ship which no other weapon has. This weapon can slice through building with a energy swords can telekinetic lift stuff which he can use to throw stuff at people and even give's a speed buff, can extend 4 feet,fire fire balls, cut through solid steel and he become's "super cool and awesome" To bad it can only be accessed with his mlg mode but this lasts how ever long the mlg mode lasts with no cool down for his swords ability.)

Intelligence: Above Average (surprising as he has plans for gags which makes him kinda tactical.)

Weakness: Despite giving out punishment he doesn't take as much as he gives in fact he is kinda a glass canon which means that if he take's to much damage then Oof. Also it's important to note that he is mainly uses his arsenal and fists and if he reveals all of his arsenal then a clever foe can predict his attacks and apart from that his weapons excluding melee one's either have limited ammo, long cool downs or take a while to charge up and his joking attitude will put him at a disadvantage if he can't compose himself. (Sorry for the ironic Oc.)

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Mlg mode which is a last resort. He transforms and he heals 33% of all damage sustained during battle and can increases his stat's and it lasts four to five minutes.


  • (Feat #1 Annoyed Godzilla so much he wouldn't even bother with the city he was destroying anymore.)
  • (Feat #2 Pranked the prime minister of demons which resulted in his impeachment due to revealing his rage.)
  • (Feat #3 Is agile enough to match Promos who is is a 10 year park core trainer.)
  • (Feat #4 Oof got so iconic it made roblox a meme when he travel to time as a prank for a death sound.)
  • (Feat #5 Can casually fight super villain's that ranged from tricksters to muscles and even physically unbeatable by physical standards. )

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