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Dio (JoJo's Bizzare Adventure) vs Shin (Fist of The North Star) If you have your own predictions for this fight, put them in the allotted slot below.


They're the ultimate blonde bad guys of 1980's anime, both of whom have betrayed their best friends in order to serve their own interests, Dio secretly poisoning Mr. Joestar in order to acquire the Joestar family fortune, and Shin leaving Kenshiro to die in the middle of the wasteland in order to steal his girlfriend, Yuria.


DMUA: Alright, VS battles wiki's tiering appears to be not sucky enough... (That being said, I apologize for cringey failure)

For this fight, we'll have to use Part 3 Dio, as Shin would not only be one-shot part 1 Dio, he would speedblitz. And, we can't use World over Heaven, cause then Shin would be doomed to a fate of hax. So, where does that put us? Well... Shin wouldn't be able to see The World, considering he doesn't have a stand, but he would easily be able to hurt Dio, and badly. Of course, Dio could just regenerate, and even suck out Shin's blood while time is stopped. Considering the massive speed gap on top of that, Dio should be able to win.

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