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Story: Dodo was made by a magic toymaker from planet-z. After a demon destroyed most the toyshop his creator sent dodo to earth. There he met two middle school students. Shortly after the demons came to earth to kill him. He uses his tounge for combat and to reach long distances. He can turn into inanimate objects like a bookbag, a pencil, or weapons. He fights demons every day. He is a fast runner and can glide long distances.

Personality: Cheerful, Funny, Sometimes annoying

Tier: Unknown

Origin: Planet-z, Red's toys

Gender: male

Age: 331

Classification: Stuffed animal

Powers and abilities: Stretching tounge, gliding, transformation

Attack potency:  Mountain, and island level

Speed: Ran up a mountain and ten seconds. Can glide to a submarine in two seconds.

Lifting strength: Lifted a giant nuke with his tounge.

Striking strength: Tounge can break rocks, and mountains

Durability: Took attacks that shook Africa and spilt south america nearly in half.

Stamina: Can go 1,000 years without sleep.

Range: Can glide many miles. Tounge can stretch to over 100 kilometers.

Standard equipment: A mace he can get when he opens the zipper in his back. They can break rocks.

Intelligence: Not the sharpest tool in the shed but not really stupid IQ 83

Weaknesses: A bit naive will believe a lie if it is sounds very true and is sensible

Notable attacks/ techniques: Grabs opponent with tounge for a close combo with a mace. Gets on high ground to glide over opponent.


Tounge pulled a rock towards him

Glided to Europe from it. Kilimanjaro

Fights hordes upon hordes of demons every day

Ran on thin air.

Tounge can deflect bullets

Beat demons with tounge and mace

Became an anvil and smashed the ground defeating multiple demons. 

Survived space with no helmet.

Beat the demon lord.