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Story: Theodore Darius was an average Olympic weightlifter until he was kidnapped by terrorists. They injected this drug in him called corridora, this made him stronger and immune to many harmful diseases but this also made him def. He studied medicine to find a cure. While studying he learned to control sickness. He can target opponents the target will follow them it is a giant target that appears under them. Only people fast enough can outrun it. It can keep up with someone in a jet. His shield is used to activate the target and is tough enough to cut through an iceberg, or solid steel. He can fly and can outrun a speeding car. His powers may make him look like a villain but he is a hero. He took down terrorists and stopped trains with dynamite.

Personality: Strong, smart, bold

Tier: Superhuman

Name: Dynamic dart/ Theodore Darius

Origin: U.S.A

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Flight, strength, speed, control of poison ad diseases, immunity to disease

Attack potency: Buildings, and space ships

Lifting strength: Held up a skyscraper

Striking strength: Space ships, Trains

Durability: Took 10 missiles and lived

Speed: Outran a speeding car. Jet: Can reach space in two seconds

Range: 20 miles

Standard equipment: Dynamo shield, Dynamic jet, Has multiple dsdsarts each with a different disease in some.

Intelligence: Created a cure for his disease but destroyed it because he loved his life.

Weaknesses: Def

Notable attacks/Techniques: will poison opponents to weaken them then get in jet before shooting em with missiles. Then hits them with shield.


Made his own medicine

Took 10 missiles at the same time and lived

Survived in space without holding his breath

Shield took a meteor unharmed

Punched a space ship in half.