The Thumbnail, provided by PineappleGuy Carmine

The Thumbnail, provided by PineappleGuy Carmine

Eli Shane (Slugterra) Vs Ash Ketchum (Pokemon). If you have any predictions, put them in the slot below.


They are the warriors of a magical world, full of amazing creatures that take a metamorphosis when certain conditions are met. The slugs take a transformation when they are fired from Eli's blaster and reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour, while the pokemon take a transformation after fighting for a very long time under their masters. They both share a close relation with their respective animals, and can even have them preform special moves. They've also clashed with bad guys several times, with Eli fending off Dr. Blakk time and time again, and Ash always throwing a wrench in Team Rocket's plans. The fight writes itself.


DMUA: (I've never watched the anime for myself, so please forgive me for inaccuracies.)

Both of these guys have some crazy stuff under their belt. But, while Ash usually stands behind his Pokemon and lets them fight, Eli constantly moves around, and even sometimes dukes it out with his opponents. So, with Ash just standing behind Pikachu, he'll be a giant bulls eye for Eli to hit. And trust me, Ash would be out cold if he got a solid hit from an explosive slug. Then, it's just Eli vs a surprised Pikachu. Eli's even dodged electricity before, so all in all, the winner should be Eli Shane.

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