Wander vs eren jaeger

Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan) vs Wander (Shadow of the Colossus). If you have a UniVS template with a picture of the two to replace the thumbnail, feel free. Comment your opinion on who would win and if you'd like to see this as an episode.

This battle is an official UniVS episode! Ain't that great mate?


Both are warriors that slay giants throughout their adventure. They fight for someone they've lost, for Eren, his deceased mother, for Wander, a girl named Mono. In Wander's case he is fighting to revive Mono, while Eren wants revenge for never being able to see his mother again. Both often use horses in their fight against their respective giants, even though Wander's horse Agro is more of a friend than a tool for battle. Both turn into the giants they have vowed to kill, Eren can turn into a titan by making himself bleed, Wander can transform into a colossus by being the vessel for Dormin, but his transformation relies on Dormin possessing him and he can't come back, like Eren.


For me, this fight comes down to what stipulations are put on it. If it's just them in their human forms, I'll take Wander, he has shown enough speed, strength and durability feats within gameplay to match Eren, but won't have to worry about his arsenal being completely depleted, like Eren with his gas and blades.

If Eren is given his giant form, but not Wander, which could be possible since his transformation is reliant on Dormin and could be considered outside help, the situation changes. As a titan, Eren has barely any ways to lose to Wander. Wander needs a climbable surface to be able to stab Eren with his sword. Even if he could get to the nape of Eren's neck or be fast enough to shoot a harpoon at it, he wouldn't know to do so, his sword is implied to have a connection to the colossi, which means it would likely not find other monsters weak spots.

If they can both turn giant, I'm not sure. There is more speculation about Wander's Dormin form than fact. Some say he is as strong as all the colossi combined, some say he is weak enough to be hurt by normal arrows. However, if I had to give a decision with the information I've been given, I'd go with Eren. While we have no clue of Dormin's strength or durability, we can see he is much slower than Titan Eren, not to mention, Eren is no wimp, being able to lift a piece of stone over his head, even though it was larger than him. Eren also has a massive advantage with his natural titan healing, even if his durability doesn't stack up to Dormin's.