Born to a wealthy family, Eric Jonson at age 5 was struck by lightning. At the hospital the doctors couldn't fix him so they went to a group of wizards. Their leader Geo gave him special glasses to consume the darkness growing inside him. Scared, his parents sent him to the land of Svomilitaria to train him to be the ultimate warrior.


He's somewhat of a comic relief character, not taking everything seriously, but he can get very serious at times. He is very unpredictable.

Powers and Stats

Tier:(Base) 5-A, (Dark)(Evolved) 4-B, (Evolved Dark) 3-C

Name: Eric Jonson

Origin: OC

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: X Blaster, Electricity control, Sticky Grenades, ShieldBot, HealBot, Ultibot( grants him immunity until broken), SawBlade

Attack Potency: (Base) Planet level, (Dark) Star Level, (Evolved) Star Level, (Evolved Dark) Large Galaxy

Speed: (Base) Superhuman, (Dark) Transonic, (Evolved) Hypersonic, (Evolved Dark) Sub- Relativistic

Lifting Strength: (Base) Athletic Human, (Dark) Class 5, (Evolved) Class 10, (Evolved Dark) Class M

Striking Strength: (Base) Class YJ, (Dark), Class XKJ, (Evolved) Class XGJ, (Evolved Dark) Multi Solar System Class

Durability: Large Planet Level

Stamina: Varies, but mainly months

Range: Continental level- Galaxy Level

Standard Equipment:

X Blaster- Can destroy concrete

Sticky Grenades- kills humans by shock wave alone

Saw Blade- Spiky Disc that can be thrown

Intelligence: Environmentally smart( Can't tell you the square root of 64, but can make a robot out of spare parts)

Weaknesses: Is very cocky, and isn't the smartest kiddo

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Form change- When his glasses are off, he turns into Dark Eric, who can shoot dark energy, and create dark holes and use any type of blade. He can turn into Evolved Eric and become really powerful, and when he powers up, he can go EVOLVED DARK IN WHICH HE CAN TURN THE UNIVERSE INTO AN ARENA CUZ HE FEEDS OFF OF DARKNESS.

Can fire electricity out of his hands

Logic Break: Logic shifts in reverse for a minute.

Time Stop: Stops time for 30 seconds

Space Control: Literally controls space. SPACE!!!!

He also has the Blaster Blend ability, which changes his blaster mode due to form, and has been known to destroy galaxies at will.

He has bionic glasses to help see at light speeds. It causes extreme nausea.


  • Defeated the god of everything in only his dark form
  • Defeated entire organizations with his X Blaster alone
  • Cheated death before
  • Faced off against many other planet busters, but died. He came in fifth.
  • Dueled his brother for a year before losing

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