Born to a wealthy family, Eric Jonson was hit by a bolt of lightning. His parents took him the hospital, and the doctors couldn't fix him. So, they had to turn to a group of wizards. Their leader Geo gave him special glasses to consume the darkness growing inside him. Scared, his parents sent him to the land of Svomilitaria to train him to be the ultimate warrior.


He's somewhat of a comic relief character, not taking everything seriously, but he can get very serious at times. He is very unpredictable.

Powers and Stats

Tier:(Base) 5-A, (Dark) 4-C, (Evolved) 4-B, (Evolved Dark) 3-B

Name: Eric Jonson

Origin: OC

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities:

Electrical manipulation, the ability to power up his weaponry as he transforms,

Attack Potency: (Base) Planet level, (Evolved) Solar System level, (Evolved Dark) Multi Galaxy level

Speed: (Base) Relativistic , (Dark) FTL, (Evolved) FTL+, (Evolved Dark) MFTL

Lifting Strength: (Base) Athletic Human, (Dark) Class 5, (Evolved) Class 10, (Evolved Dark) Class M

Striking Strength: (Base) Class YJ, (Dark), Class XKJ, (Evolved) Class XGJ, (Evolved Dark) Multi Solar System Class

Durability: Large Planet Level

Stamina: Varies, but mainly months

Range: Galaxy Level

Standard Equipment:

X Blaster- His main weapon, which fires basic blasts of energy.

Sticky Grenades- Self explanatory

Saw Blade- Spiky Disc that can be thrown

ShieldBot, which provides a shield with Universal+ durability

HealBot which can heal anything, but Eric has to operate it, meaning it can't heal him from vaporization

Intelligence: Tactical prodigy, but a complete moron otherwise.

Weaknesses: Is very cocky, and isn't the smartest kiddo

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Can fire electricity out of his hands

Evolved Form: Eric was an experimentee in Svomilitaria, and as a result he can assess the "Evolved Form" This form taps into some of his latent power, giving him a mighty boost. In this form, he can fire plasma.

Dark Form: When Eric's glasses break, his inner darkness is released, causing him to gain a power increase, and the ability to create minor black holes

Evolved Dark Form: When Eric has tapped into both of his previously mentioned transformations, he becomes immensely more powerful.

Logic Break: Logic shifts in reverse for a minute. Everything that heals actually disintegrates, things that boost strength actually weaken, so on so forth.

Time Stop: Stops time for 30 seconds

Space Control: Literally controls space. SPACE!!!!

All of these abilities have a 5 minute long cool-down.


  • Defeated the god of everything and inherited his power
  • Defeated entire organizations with his X Blaster alone
  • Cheated death before
  • Faced off against many other planet busters, but died. He came in fifth.
  • Dueled his brother for a year before losing


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