Story: Former freelancer agent New Hampshire aka freelancer 1337, he was the most bullied freelancer in the unit. He was the nicest guys in the facility and by thought, the weakest freelancer in the unit. But after getting some upgrades, he became the most powerful freelancer in the unit. Then he got a 2nd job at the heroes association as a Z-class, rank 1 hero. He became a real hero. Then he became friends with terrible tornado. Then became a family and had 12 kids. He is a hero and father. 

Personality: very nice, layed back, a good sport, and he is a sweet talker and a noble gentleman.

Appearance: halo 3 armor: security helmet and shoulders and a mark 6 chest piece. His armor is maroon and white all over.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-A

Name: freelancer 1337

Origin: OC

Gender: male

Age: 38

Classification: human

Powers and Abilities: enhanced speed and strength, camouflage, time distortion, godbreaker, hologram projection, reality warp, Gaster blasters, telekinesis, toonforce (unlike others he controls it better than anyone and always consistent), energy weapons, ghost walk, dimension hop, healing factor, flame gauntlets, weapon summoner, 4th wall awareness, fluentcy in wingdings, lighting manipulation, and training from all the monsters from the underground, without armor just physical abilities like strength, speed, and durability

Attack Potency: universe

Speed: infinite speed

Lifting Strength: class 10

Striking Strength: class NJ

Durability: true infinity

Stamina: immeasurable

Range: close and long range combat

Standard Equipment: project freelancer experimental armor and 26 AI fragments and all the armor equipment and all the weapons in the halo franchise,

Intelligence: genius

Weaknesses: use fire arms instead of brute force in firefights, and go's by a moral code of not hurting girls mentally, physically, and emotionally, always have a fair fight, and despite having all of these powers he is still human

Notable Attacks/Techniques: all knowledge of all freelancer agents and all over the universe, hand-to-combat of a normal brawler


Beat Maine at arm wrestling

Able to beat all freelancers at when he first 2hrs on day 1

Beforer project freelancer got defunct he got a new job at the heroes association

Trained his 12 children how to fight

Knock Asriel dreemeurr out cold with a single punch

Taught W.D. Limbo how to write in wingdings writing

Taught his 1st daughter hand-to-hand combat

Raised 12 powerful children and 3 nephews