Gill is a dream angel that fights off dream demons. While he is multiversal, his dream hax will make him a powerful foe.


Quadrillions of years ago, there were millions of dream angels that inhabited the multiverse. The most well known was Gill Cipher (Yeah i ran out of ideas). Gill often fought off drean demons that plauged minds. Until one day, Bill used his power to destroy nearly all of the dream angels. However, Gill was able to escape before bill's massacre. Now, Gill vows to get rid of the demon who killed his friends.


Gill Cipher was generally a nice person that would sacrifice his life to save others.


Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-B (Is as powerful as Bill Cipher) possibly higher (Bill states that dream manipulation can affect anyone)

Name: Gill Cipher

Origin: A dream angel that existed quadrillions of years ago.

Gender: Unknown (Dimension has over 14 Billion dimensions)

Age: Quadrillions of years old.

Classification: 4D triangle.

Powers and Abilities:

Gill can somehow manipulate the four elements (Fire, Water, Air and earth), telekenitic manipulation, teleportation, weirdmageddon manipulation, Dream manipulation, regeneration, timespace manipulation, immortality, shapeshifting, physical shields, mental shields, mind reading, fourth wall awareness, all seeing eye wisdom, ki manipulation, soul manipulation and dimensional hopping.  

Attack Potency: Multiversal, likely higher with his dream manipulation..


Infinite (Can teleport and stop time) at least immesurable (Above our concepts of time).

Lifting Strength: 


Striking Strength: 

Multiversal, possibly higher with his dream manipulation (His dream manipulation can keep up with full physical form bill cipher. Bill's physical form can affect the wider multiverse, which includes 11 dimensions.


Multiversal (Tanked attacks from Bill) likely higher (Can increase his durability with his dream manipulation).

Stamina: Inexhaustible


Multiversal (can affect an entire mind which is an infinite amount of universes.)

Standard Equipment: 

Dream Sword (Enhances his dream manipulation to challenge beings even above Bill Cipher)

Intelligence: Nigh Omniscent (all-knowing)


- He often uses his dream manipulation as a last resort in combat and he doesn't even know the full extent of his manipulation.

- He often doesn't use his weapons as he's very inexperienced with them

- He's a pascifist and doesn't like to fight.

- His eye can be easily damaged and even ripped apart by 3-D objects, and his eye takes about a minute to regenerate and Gill can't do anything else while it's regenerating.

'Notable Attacks/Techniques: Dream (Where Gill creates a world that slowly powers him up).


  • Can keep up with Bill Cipher
  • Survived the initial massacre of the dream angels
  • Defeated beings massively stronger than him via dream hax

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