when grade was little, he wanted to explore the world.about 15, he started to find every single treasure in the world, but he doesn't know that he is a reincarnated of a god who choose grade to use these powers, soon grade will know this secret and will use his new powers to defeat's his enemy


An adventurer with a big ego, likes gold and helping out, and plays fair when fighting

Powers and Stats

Grade Drawing(Small)
Grade Drawing
Grade(God Form) Drawing

Tier: 8-B, 6-C, 2-A

Name: Grade Wilson

Origin: OC

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Adventurer, God Of Power,Knowing, And Adventure

Powers and Abilities: pyrokinesis, Air manipulation, and stretchy limbs

Attack Potency: Mountain Level (Only using 40%), Large Continent Level (At 100%), Multiversal Level (In his god form)

Speed: Supersonic+(In Base), Infinite Speed(In God Form)

Lifting Strength: Class T, Immeasurable(In God Form)

Striking Strength: Class EJ, High Multiversal+(In God Form)

Durability: City Level(Survive Crashing Into Bulidings), Mountain Level(Survive a mountain thrown at him), High Multiversal level(took a punch from a god like being, and didn't even flinch)

Stamina: Very High( Withstand Inside a volcano)

Range: Astronomical(Able to reach his arm to Mars to get piece of a a rocket)

Standard Equipment: Weapons: A Backpack, A Bandanna, Supplies,his trusty gloves,A Bat, and a boomerang,dynamite

Intelligence: very smart in combat. solves every puzzles in a matter of secs.

Weaknesses: cant survive stab and gun shots. plays fair in combat. despite having a god from, he rather not use it.Over Confident.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Flame Punch- his iconic move, can punch with a fire fist a that is faster than a bullet Tornado Spin- can spin around like a tornado

Wrap- Can wrap his enemy's and squeeze them until they faint

Sonic Kick- can kick with a force of a sonic boom

Flame Tornado- a fire version of the tornado spin and can spit meteors

Flame-copter-Can use his arms to fly like an helicopter and its on fire

Flame Combo-A barrage of Flame punches that can destroy a mountain

Ultimate Finish- His god form ultimate attack, shots a giant laser,powerful enough to destroy a universe at 50%(Note- this is only in his god form and cant be use in his base form)


  • Pushed a mountain.
  • Outsmarted a supercomputer.
  • Survives within molten lava.
  • Survived a Mountain to a face.
  • Defeated multiversal god in his god form.
  • Dodges Bullets.