Story: Drake the dog wished he had lived a normal life during a war, or rebellion. He SAS adopted by a married couple, a guard and a rebel. He loved meat and one day while his motther was waoking him to a butcher Drake saw a lower class man get beaten, this made him more aware of what was happening. He ran away from his owner to stop the men and they stabbed him. After Drake fled he saw the dead bodies of his parents. 

In depression he wandered around and saw a time machine. In was a man who would bring future inventions to this time. Drake was built armor that could become wings that could let him fly across the kingdom in seconds. 

As the rebellion progressed he played for the rebels. After his side won he helped make a peaceful kingdom. He had to defeat enemies to keep peace, from throwing aiden to the moon, to using his strongest strike to destroy corridor the man who tried to conquer earth.

He has an axe which can extend with a chain, he also has a laser bow, can use hyperdrive to gain power this lasts for days, he also can use the final strike it can destroy europe they say putting hyperdrive with the final strike will both kill guard dog and destroy the earth.

Personality: Meat lover, Clever, Enthusiastic

Tier: About continent level.

Name: Drake

Origin: Ablum

Gender: Ablum

Age: In late twenties

Classification: Dog

Powers and abilities: Final strike, hyperdrive, laser punches and kicks

Attack potency: Island

Speed: Can fly over a giant kingdom in seconds

Lifting strength: Can lift giant rocks

Striking strength: Can destroy Europe

Durability: Can take laser fire, and dodge it

Stamina: Fought for days and nights

Range: His axe can reach 52 meters

Standard equipment: Axe, Laser bow, Armor turning into wings

Intelligence: Genius

Weaknesses: Is distracted by large portions of meat, and is color blind

Notable attacks/Techniques: Laser attacks, final attacks, and hyperdrive will increase powers

Feats: Killed corridor and outsmarted him corridor can solve the Gordian knot.

Threw aiden tothe moon

Can fly over kingdoms in secsecond
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