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The thumbnail, provided by PineappleGuy Carmine

Hank Hill (King of the Hill) Vs Godzilla. If you have a prediction for this fight, put it down in the slot below.


Surprisingly enough, these guys actually have similar stats. Hank's propane can actually give a boost to Silver Surfer's board, meaning he's solar system level. Meanwhile, if you disclude Divine Godzilla and Godzilla in Hell, Godzilla has blasted away at several Solar System level characters, as well as taken dips in black holes and other things of such a degree. Which makes this the perfect April Fool's episode.


DMUA: While Hank does have surprising power, and the ability to pop a cold one with the boys, Godzilla is also radioactive. Meaning that the fight won't go long before Hank falls over and dies. A very unfortunate death for the propane tyrant.

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