Pokemon #097

Hypno the Psychic type Pokemon

(Observational info)

Hypno has always been a creepy Pokemon,often hypnotising humans or other Pokemon into doing things for it or as a joke,but that power has inspired many stories about our Big nosed friend that he would lure People and Pokemon to their doom,mostly children which happens on the seven islands in Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen to a little girl but It was easily taken down by the Protag but its creepy none the less,and here is more


Now Hypno can learn many different moves thanks to TM usage but It would be wrong to use more then four and these should be it,Psychic,one of the strongest Special moves in Pokemon,which our friend Hypno relies on most,Hypnosis,basically its signature move,it might not be the most accurate move but can give it a quick edge,Focus Blast,A stable special move of the fighting type and Powerful as well,packing a bit of a punch behind it and variety and finally,Trick Room,Hypno isn't know for its speed but thanks to this move,it gets faster while a fast enemy is slown down


Now,I'll be using Pokemon items but only five,Twisted spoon,an item that boosts Psychic type moves slightly,the Sitrus berry,if low on Hit Points it can use this to bump up by 60 HP,Leppa Berry,Its moves have a certain amounts of uses so this can give it five more,the Metronome,if a attack is used multiple times in a row,they grow stronger each time,Zoom Lens,this boosts the accuracy of moves,meaning Hypnosis has a greater chance to hit and finally,the Kings Rock,an Item which gives all moves a 10% chance to flinch,giving it a bit of extra time to land another hit

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