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Story: The universe needed a good to balance the evil since it was pouring with villains. They're strength can be used to make anything appear. They wonder very much its one of they're favorite thing to do he moves the stars when he is bored with his mind. 

They enjoy children. They could use there powers for evil but they choose not to. The infinity man beat all the elements. 

Personality: Kid-friendly,knowlegeful, wondering, calm

Appearance: a purple man with yellow eyes

Tier: True infinity

Name: Infinity man

Origin: Nowhere

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Infinite possibilities but he chooses to use limited abilities, like teleportation, energy blasts, Fire tornados and elemental abioabilities

attack potency: can destroy a galaxy but he chores not to

Speed: can dodge bullets, and teleport

Lifting strength: chooses to not use his full lifting strength. Has lifted trucks with a finger

Striking strength: infinite but chooses to not use all of if unless necessary

Durability: Can live in the vacuum of space/ Unknown

Stamina: inexhaustible

Range: Infinite

Standard equipment: himself and a staff he can generate

Intelligence: Super genius

Weaknesses: None

Notable attacks/techniques: Star punchs (A powerful punch that has to be charged up), Teleport, Star gazer combo (Uppercuts opponent before grabbing them and then headbutts them before using a star punch), Telekinesis, Star ball burst (Creates an energy ball that bursts)


Took on all elements

Burst can destroy a building

Has no limit (Is not bluffing)

Survived space

Took hits than sent him to the moon with no scratches

Moves stars when he is bored