Born in 1987, J.J Akiyama was a normal boy until he witnessed the fight between Apoclamon and the 8 digidestined. 2 years later he was playing video games at is house when he heard a strange beeping coming from his controller. When he tried to stop the beeping, it morphed into a digivice and got sucked into his TV. He awoke to find himself in the digiworld with a creepy looking creature on his belly. This "creature" was Jawmon, a training level digimon created specificly for J.J. While trying to find his way out of the digiworld he was attacked by an Snimon. Jawmon digivolved into Sharkmon, a large shark-like creature with two torpedos on his head. After a couple of good torpedo launches at Snimon, the poor sucker was reduced to nothing but digital data. After the encounter, J.J and Sharkmon quickly became friends. The two eventually found a way out of the digiworld and back home. The break didn't last long because when 2 other classmates found another portal to the digiworld at their school, they knew it had to be checked out. While there he met up with 5 other digdestined, all with their own digimon. While there Sharkmon squared off with an old rival and learned how to digivolve, digivolving into the 60 foot long, 20 ton shark Finmon.

Their adventures in the digiworld didn't end there. Traveling along with the 5 other digidestined, they had alot of great times together. But when the 6 were told that they need to find special chips to digivolve their digimon even farther, they immediatly went searching. J.J found his first and when all of them were found and the team regrouped, a digimon by the name of Satamon showed up, Finmon and his companions digivolved to their Ultimate forms. Finmon turned into the 100 foot long, 60 ton Metalfinmon. He easily ripped off Satamon's left arm and together with the other digimon, they destroyed him.

5 years later, the digiworld turned into a complete mess. It was up to the leaders of the past groups of digidestined to free the digiworld from MegaGigamon, a digimon capile of everything. The fate of digiworld relied on J.J, Tai, Davis, Takato, Takuya, Marcus, and Mikey. J.J and Sharkmon knew tis would be their toughest challange yet. When the team split up to lose the reincarnations of the Dark Masters, J.J and Sharkmon were cornered and Piedmon was on their tail. Sharkmon tried to fight but it was futile, and Piedmon got a hold of J.J, Sharkmon snapped. He mega digivolved into Requiamon, a 20 foot, 1 ton killer. Needless to say Piedmon was screwed. One karate chop later, Piedmon was sent to digimon hell.

After regrouping, they all marched on to MegaGigamon's layer, and then. with alittle help from Gennai, destroyed the beast once and for all. He is now living in Hawaii


J.J is a smart, loyal young man who has a love of life. Sharkmon is also smart and is tactictoinal.


J.J wears a grey tanktop with a plaid unbuttoned t-shirt, bule jeans, a watch on his left wrist, and wears white sneakers

Sharkmon is a basicly a walking shark with 2 torpedos on his head


J.J is a normal boy with basicly nothing but his fists

Sharkmon fully digivolved can take on the likes of Piedmon and one-shot him, Metalfinmon could've killed Satamon if it was just him, Finmon could knock out his rival Greymon with one headbutt, Sharkmon can survive Snimon's twin strikes that can cut through trees


Tier: J.J: Average Human level, Sharkmon: Wall Level, Finmon: City Block level, Metalfinmon: Island level, Requiamon: Planet level

Name: J.J Akiyama, Sharkmon

Origin: Digimon OC

Gender: Male (both)

Age: 14

Classification: Human, Digimon

Powers and Abilities:

Sharkmon: Twin Blasts, Chomp

Finmon: Tail Whip, Headbutt, Shark attack, Mega Bite (get it Megabyte?)

Metalfinmon: Bomb Attack, Run and Gun, Giga Bite, Ion Blast

Requiamon: Karate chop, Sword slice, Mighty Mace, Petrifyer, Mega Punch

Attack Potency:

Requiamon's Mega Punch was able to completely oblitarate the digiworld's moon and a simple karate chop was enough to kill Piedmon


Requiamon can easily reach Mach 2 speeds in 15 seconds.

Lifting Strength:

Sharkmon can lift a boulder weiging 1 ton, while Requiamon can lift up MegaGigamon who weighs 600 tons

Striking Strength:

Requiamon can destroy the moon, with makes easily Planet level.


Requiamon can easily survive a blast that incinirated the land around him


Requiamon, being a digimon, wont last long if he is hungry or tired


Metalfinmon's Ion Blast, Finmon's Shark Attack, and Sharkmon's Twin Blasts can reack targets from 200 feet to 1 mile away.

Standard Equipment:

Sharkmon: Torpedoes, Teeth

Finmon: Back missile, Teeth

Metalfinmon: Chrome Digizoid, Twim Hydrogen Bombs, Vulcan gatling gun, Ion Blaster

Requiamon: Katana, Mace, Karate, eyes, teeth

Intelligence: Below Genious


Weak to grass elemental attacks, if he runs out of energy will dedigivolve to a prior form

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Sharkmon: Twin Blasts, Chomp

Finmon: Tail Whip, Headbutt, Shark attack, Mega Bite (get it Megabyte?)

Metalfinmon: Bomb Attack, Run and Gun, Giga Bite, Ion Blast

Requiamon: Karate chop, Sword slice, Mighty Mace, Petrifyer, Mega Punch


  • Destroyed Satamon with the rest of the digidestined in his group
  • Destroyed MegaGigamon with the rest of the leaders of the digidestined
  • Killed Piedmon with a karate chop
  • Destroyed the digiworld's moon with a punch