Ever since he was a little boy, Jake Bowie was abused and torchered by people of all ages. At about 14 years old he had more than the enough. He was a smart boy and knew he could do something. So he took a ton of crap from bikers, bullies, and jocks, he somehow made a potion that was suppose to make him look cooler. But the potion did more than that. He now has heat vision, zero-point energy, can run 1 mile in 1 minute, and Hulk level strength.


Jake is smart, awesome, cunning, and has a silver tounge


Jake the Awesome

Powers and Stats

Tier: City (Shotgun Explosion can wipe out multiple forests)

Name: Jake Hunter Bowie

Origin: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Classification: Juvinile

Powers and Abilities:

  • Can run 1 mile in 1 minute
  • Has Master Cheif duribility
  • Can make potions in less than 30 seconds
  • Quick witted

Attack Potency: 100 Megatons of force

Speed: Normal: 4 MPH (Running: 36 MPH)

Lifting Strength: Enough to lift the Bagger 288, being 13,500 tons

Striking Strength: 1 million tons of TNT

Durability: Mountain level durability

Stamina: Can fight for days on end

Range: 1248 feet when using his firearms

Standard Equipment:

  • A pistol- just a normal pistol
  • Grenade launcher- with a 1000 ft range, you'd be lucky escape without a scratch
  • Potion of Invincibility- gives Jake 1 minute of invicibility
  • Shotgun Explosion- a deadly potion that can wipe out entire forest
  • IKP potion- The Instant Killing Potion is a garrenteed kill for anything living and breathing
  • Crossbow- silentkill with a 1500 ft range

Intelligence: Genius


  • Cant swim
  • Afraid of hights
  • Avoids people out of his league
  • Often wastes ammo
  • Reckless

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Run and Gun: Runs around the opponment and shoots them with his pistol


  • Escaped a max security prison without being noticed
  • Managed to lift the Bagger 288
  • Tanked missiles lanched at him by the military
  • Mastered Tae Kwon Doe and Kung Fu
  • Took out a bear with nothing but his fists