Jason Todd vs Pineapple Man

Jason Todd (DC Comics) vs Pineapple Man (SoloGraphics). If you have a UniVS template with a picture of the two to replace the pictures, feel free. Comment your opinion on who would win and if you'd like to see this as an episode.


Both of these two turned to a life of crime at a young age, but eventually became heroes. They were both saved from death from a supernatural force, the Lazarus Pit for different versions of Jason Todd's story, and the Hawaiian God of War saved Pineapple Man. They're both skilled hand to hand combatants, along with carrying weapons like grenades around. Although Pineapple Man wasn't killed, he was left for dead after being shot, like Jason was when the Joker beat him with a crowbar and left the building to explode.


Okay, I don't actually know anything about what Pineapple Man can do, and more than likely Jason Todd will most likely win due to his much larger franchise and exposure. But can you really pass up an opportunity to have such a ridiculous concept as Pineapple Man on the show? So yeah, Jason most likely wins, but Pineapple Man may surprise you since he actually has increased strength and agility. 

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