John Freeman is the father of the current generation of Reeds. Despite being way past his prime, he's still an adept fighter with his impressive physical attributes and healing factor.


He was a simple man, working all day in a factory, till he ran across a crashed chemical trunk on the side of the road. He would've kept walking if there wasn't a man laying there in the wreckage. He carried him to the hospital, but the man was still going to die. The man wanted to thank John, and said these legendary words: "Hey, god rolls dice. Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they aren't. The thing that decides whether or not you are going to hell is weather or not you share it."

John remembered those works for the rest of his life, and it especially struck him when he was hit by a car later that day, and got back up. He realized that the chemicals altered his genetics, and he had to use this good roll. He doned his costume, and headed out to clean up the streets.

Later, the government recruited him to serve in the Cold War, and he did so well, he overthrew communism in Russia. Ever since he got a wife and had a kid... or 2.... or 3.... or..... started raising a family 20 years ago, he's been retired.


John likes to take it easy in his later days of life. You'll usually find him sitting in a chair, watching birds as they pass by. But, he can quickly jump to a serious attitude if you happen to be causing trouble.


John has a black buzz cut, blue eyes, and usually wears a light green button up shirt, Khaki pants with a black belt, and black dress shoes. However, if you happen to catch him in his hero suit, you'll see he wears a jumpsuit with the American flag printed on it, with the stars on his right shoulder, and red tennis shoes with star studded laces. 

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-B

Name: John Reed, Formerly known as Freeman

Super hero name: Freedom Man

Origin: OC (Jack of all trades)

Gender: Male

Age: 77 (50 physically)

Height: 6'0

Weight: 200 pounds (80% muscle)

Classification:Human with chemically triggered genetics

Powers and Abilities:

John has a Low-Mid healing factor and Superhuman physical attributes

Attack Potency: High 6-B (Was able to punch out Crismo, a robot meant to destroy America in one fell swoop.)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (Kept up with the Super car, which could travel this fast.)

Lifting Strength: Class K+, Likely far higher (Could easily toss Crismo around)

Striking Strength: Class ZJ+ 

Durability: Large Country Level (Took hits from Crismo)

Stamina: Weeks (Healing factor and physical attributes allow him to keep fighting for this long)

Range: Standard melee

Standard Equipment:


Intelligence: Gifted (Cracked the Soviet encription system flawlessly)


Healing factor isn't all that impressive, as it can be neturalized by the destruction of his brain.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Star Slam!: He grapples his opponent, does a fantastic flip in the air, and slam s the opponent's head right into the ground. This somehow causes stars to eminate from the impact, which no amount of research studies have managed to explain. 

Star smash!: A super powerful punch that also eminates stars. 


  • Managed to father 5 superpowered kids at the same time
  • Destroyed Crismo
  • Kept up with the supercar
  • Managed to regenerate through a death beam
  • MERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Notable victories:

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