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Story: John knows his way around and is best at being a bad guy. He has a very large criminal record but government will sometimes use him to their advantage. His weapons are spear, guns, knives, and much more. He has reached body counts of 700 in just one day. John has been in the business since he was 10. He has been in bar fights multiple times just to get to one target.

While fighting once he realized he had regeneration, so he got cocky and developed superhuman strength. He drives a car capable of surviving explosions. He uses his gadgets to help him plan attack. Without his gadgets he doesn't know what to plan and just goes in for the kill. He has stun grenades and electric grenades. He is no stranger to bounty hunting, he can easily assassinate company owners in daylight.

Overall this skilled mercenary is string cocky and powerful at the same time.

Personality: Rebellious, Cocky, and skilled

Tier: 9-7c

Name: John

Origin: Of

Age: 27

Classification: Superhuman

Powers and abilities: Regeneration, super strength, and skilled in judo and karate

Attack potency: 7-c low

Speed: Superhuman (Can cut up bullets)

Lifting strength: Class 5 (can lift trucks)

Striking strength: Class mj (Can shatter a man wearing armors skull with a punch

Durability: City block level+ (Can jump off a plane miles high and land on a building to the point where it collapses causing other buildings to collapse destroying the city, and only lost his legs which he out back)

Stamina: Days (rarely sleeps)

Range: 50 cal sniper rifle can shoot 5 feet

Standard equipment: 

50 cal sniper rifle

USAS 12 




Planning gadget

Navigation gadget


Flare gun


Grenade launcher

Machine gun

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: Realies on gadgets to navigate and plan for him.

Can be taken down if his whole body is destroyed


Notable attacks/techniques: none


Got shot by a 50 cal and barely lost his arm

Regenerated from being cut in half

Can take on his robot self

Shot a monster to death

Has a body count of over 200000

Survived a fall that destroyed a city

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