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Story: Randy Summers was born with no legs so his father built some for him. years later Randy improved these legs to make him jump higher, run faster, and kick harder. He grew up on a farm with only his father and brother. His Mom left because she didn't want to be responsible for a disabled kid and there were rumors of a monster in the woods near them.

He became a power ranger when a monster came looking for a golden sword.  Randy had found it and became the light ranger. After the monster had been defeated the company who secretly made the monster tried to get Randy to marry the owner's daughter who was also a monster. After realizing this Randy exposed the company and turned down the owner's daughter. As a ranger he guards all elements making him the most powerful. He can do things in battle like fire tornados, or vine whips, or make earthquakes. He has no word though. His friends push him to be the best and he does so by lifting 100 pounds every morning. Even when he's attacked. After he found out about his dad's secret power and death he swore to protect earth from his killers.

Personality: A hardworking kind man who sticks up for others.

Tier: low 5-b (Killed a monster who survived a fall from a ship in space to earth unharmed)

Name: Randy Summers

Origin: China

Gender: Male

Age: 19 1/2

Height: 6'2

Weight: 146 lbs

Classification: Superhuman

Powers and abilities: Elemental attacks (Can mix elements together) Light slash, Dragon breath, Falcon blast, Lion roar, Horse kick, Snake venom shot, Giant jump, And Fast eater (An attack meant to break spells or healing factors)

Attack potency: 5-c (Killed zoran who was going to punch a moon in half)

Speed: Superhuman

Lifting strength: class 50

Striking strength: Class Zj (Can punch country sized monsters)

Durability: Took a beam that nearly killed him but it reflected off him and blew up Zoran

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: A big city

Intelligence: Gifted

Weaknesses: Legs can break if enough force is used only planet level opponents like zoran. Cannot swim, or fly

Notable attacks/techniques: Super jump (Uses energy to get jump onto skyscrapers). Fire tornado (Makes a tornado out of fire). earthquake (Makes an earthquake).


Killed zoran

Used super jump to jump on a building and shatter all its windows

Punched a country sized monster and knocked It out

Deflected a beam with his body meant to destroy the moon.