Many years ago Macaro lived with noble parents and had an overall good childhood. However one day his parents just disappeared out of nowhere never to be seen again this left Macaro homeless until he was found by the BOA (brotherhood of assassins) and molded in there image. by the age of ten he was already a master assassin so much so that leader of the assassins decided to have him killed. Unfortunately for him he not only killed him but every other assassin in his guild. he was once again all alone but this time with skills to defend himself. He wandered the world killing everyone and anyone who gets in his way or people who pay him to assassinate someone. One day his curiosity got the better of him and he went around in a temple and found an amulet. the amulet turned out to be magical. it gave him eternal youth (he can die but not via age). Now he has century's worth of experience and wisdom


Calm and collected, very wise

"I want to see this world burn, I want to see brother turn on brother, and I want to see this world drown in blood and despair so when my god walks it again it is a proper home"


All black clothes with a bandanna around his face

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A

Name: Macaro

Origin: OC

Gender: Male

Age: over 300

Classification: assassin

Powers and Abilities: Expert Hand-to-Hand, Master Swordsman, Master of stealth, 60 second invisibility, Subsonic speed

Attack Potency: High 8-A

Speed: Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Class TJ

Durability: Multi city block

Stamina: days

Standard Equipment: duel swords, his amulet ( 60 second invisibility)

Intelligence: Genius

Weaknesses: his amulet is the key to his life if its destroyed he will age rapidly and turn to dust

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

zantetsuken: One single slice that moves at the speed of sound and hits like a nuke

Silent kill: turns invisible and slices the opponents necks

Ragnarok: moves so fast in the air it creates afterimages and attacks the opponent in the air


  • Wiped out an entire guild of assassins
  • Sneaked into and killed an emperor in his own palace and sneaked out
  • centuries worth of knowledge
  • killed 50 people with one Zantetsuken
  • survived an explosion that wiped out multiple city blocks