Natasha is one of the many Reeds, assigned to defend the world from Rouge spirits and the Harbinger of Death. She's a master of both magic and weaponry, and despite her age, she's deadly as ever.


Born in Murmansk, Russia in 1960, Natasha lived under communist rule, where she really had to fight hard to survive. Every meal was pure luck, every Potato had to be planted with care. This harsh environment breed her to be a fighter. She trained intensely to protect her comrades from facing an even more dire situation of Ethereal-based chaos.

1980. Due to repeated attacks from the US army, the Soviet Government was crippled further and further. Due to this, military power was dwindling, and a series of major escapes were primed to happen. Natasha had been planning with her parents to lead the town out of the country. They were taking a little bit of iron each day from the local mines, they chopped up some trees, they broke down rocks for individual minerals, and eventually, they made guns for everyone.

What happened next was known as the "The Grizzly Charge to Finland". Armed to the teeth and lead by a Reed, the border patrol was no match. Eventually, everyone escaped from the clutches of communism.

A year later. Communist Russia has all but collapsed. John Freeman was sent back home until further notice. He meets Natasha at a warehouse he started working at. He ended up flirting with her and ends up on a date. They get married, have the current generation of Reeds, and eventually retired.


Growing old and becoming a parent has only hardened her "Take nothing from nobody" personality. You'll instantly face her wrath if you do anything stupid.


Her long Blonde hair flows freely down to her shoulders, She wears a white trench coat that covers all the way to her legs, and boots.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B+|8-B

Name: Natasha Reed

Origin: OC (Jack of all trades)

Gender: Female

Age: 77 (Appears to be 50)

Classification: Human with magical abilites

Powers and Abilities:

She has access to all forms of manipulation. For a full list, check out Jack Reed (Note: Can't regenerate from nothing, but rather has Mid-High potency

Attack Potency: 9-B+ (Accidentally blew down a wall while yelling at Xander and Jack when they were kids)| 8-B (Can effect this big of an area with various manipulations)

Speed: Relativistic (Comparable to other Reeds)| Lightspeed

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (Sometimes takes turning the car around a bit too far.)| Class M

Striking Strength: Class KJ+

Durability: 9-B (Can tank heavy gun fire)

Stamina: Days| Hours

Range: She can effect anything she can sense.

Standard Equipment:

She carries around quite a few weapons, including Halberds, Greatswords, and weapons of the like. She can also use manipulation to create any European weapon she wants.

Intelligence: Gifted (Mastered manipulation, knows enough about chemistry to


In comparison to other Reeds, she's not very powerful.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

None notable

Key: Physically|Magically/Ethereal


  • Lifted the car and super jumped all the way around.
  • Mastered the arts of manipulation
  • Tanked heavy gunfire as she led several people to freedom
  • Accidentally blew down a wall while yelling at Xander and Jack
  • Is oddly hot considering her age

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