Norman is one of the Reeds, the super powered family meant to combat the Harbinger of Death. He specializes in using both Psychic powers and Magic abilities to blast foes from a distance. He can switch between these two powers for endurance, or lay waste to them with a combination of the two.


Norman was the second youngest of the Reeds, who lived a pretty ordinary life. Of course, that was until the shenanigans with the Harbinger of Death started. Then, Norman immediately realized his life was going to be far, far from normal. He started training intensely, using his natural psychic powers to the fullest. He became a strong fighter, who regularly cracks down on crime.

(Sorry the bio sucks, he's mostly just building on Jack of all trades)


Norman is kind of quiet, not quite a full edgelord, but still kinda out there for personality.


Norman has black hair, which is either messy, or spiked, due to using his psychic powers. His eyes are green, and he wears a black jacket over a yellow shirt. He has grey sweatpants and brown boots.

Powers and Stats


Name:Norman Reed

Super hero name: Psycho Panther

Origin:OC (Jack of all trades)



Weight:150 pounds (60% muscle)


Classification:Human with magical and psychic powers

Powers and Abilities:

His manipulation can control almost anything. If you want a full list, check out Jack Reed. Note that Norman doesn't have time manipulation.

His psychic powers include the usual mind control, telekinesis, and even telepathy. Not that he would usually use that, as he can easily read souls, and even phase into the Ethereal Plane.

Attack Potency:5-C+ (He can blast away the mad creator's false planets, which were only slightly bigger than the moon)|5-B (Is notably stronger, being able to destroy several of the false planets.)

Speed:Sub-Relativistic. (Can somewhat keep up with the rest of his family.)|FTL+.

Lifting Strength:Class E (Can lift massive weights in G-room training)|Class Z.|Class Z+

Striking Strength:Class NJ.

Durability: Moon level+ (Can take blasts from the mad creator with minor damage)

Stamina: 1 Month (Has similar endurance to other Reeds.)

Range:Can attack something as long as he can sense it.

Standard Equipment:

Has a small talisman called Adalbert, which he can focus his Psychic and Magical abilities through to power them up 3 folds

Intelligence: Supergenius.


Hasn't mastered Ethereal combat, and as a result can't phase in an out for FTL combat speeds.

He is reluctant to combine his abilities, as can strain his body and mind.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Norman is quite skilled in martial arts, and can attack pressure points with great efficiency.

Cloak:Norman can expand someone's blind spot, causing them to have pretty much anything invisible to them

Psycho bullet: Norman fires a shockwave using his psychic abilities, which allows him to knock opponents around or damage them.

Key: Either manipulation or psychic abilities|Combination

Normal speed|Ethereal Speed


Either manipulation or psychic abilities|Combination


  • Can mind control all the people across a continent with ease.
  • With help from Brian, beat The Mad Creator
  • Blew up several false planets when combining his powers
  • Can fight on par with several Reeds
  • Knocked out Schwanzmann with telepathy

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