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story: Once a magic hat formed a cloud under it this cloud became oddball. He went around dimensions doing magic shows. He carries his hat a wand and cards.

Do not pick the elite card it summons a demon to destroy stuff. He uses hit wand to make things appear. He has a dimension in his hat he can pull stuff out the dimension and hide In his hat.

Personality: Perplexing, Mysterious, Magical.

Appearance a grey cloud wearing a top hat

Tier: Dimensional

Name: Oddball

Origin: Magic tinkerers

Gender: it prefers they

Age: unknown

Classification: Cloud

Powers and abilities: Can pull anything out of hat, wand can cast spells, cards to cut stuff. Can make illusions, and trick rooms

Attack potency: Cards can cut limestone, once pulled a storm out his hat

Lifting strength: Threw a bowling ball 40 miles in the air before it fell on him

Striking strength: Rarely uses fists (Average human punches though knows some tae kwon do)

Durability: Twckes kicks and punches from supernatural beings. Survived a storm he held in his hand that tore up buildings.

Stamina: Slowed if in a bad mood or raining

Range: Can shoot wand up to 3 miles

Standard equipment: Wand, Cards, Elite card, magic hat, d-axe (If he summons enough power)

Speed: Speed of sound

Intelligence: Can solve his trick room

Weakness: Slows if sad, and can die if enough force is used which is ton

Notable attacks/techniques: Throws a card at opponent then makes a wall around them, Punches for before casting a fire spell on them, throwing a bomb at them then using a combo with axe. Super wand warender: Makes a blast that can make armies crumple by exploding from many different angles.


Took hits that sent him into buildings that shook a bit

Survived with a storm in his hand

Caught up with a train even though he was sad

Elite card destroyed buildings with one energy burst.

Cards cut a robots head off

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