Parappa The Rapper vs Karate Joe

Parappa The Rapper (Parappa The Rapper) vs Karate Joe (Rhythm Heaven). If you have a UniVS template with a picture of the two to replace the thumbnail, feel free. Comment your opinion on who would win and if you'd like to see this as an episode.


Both are characters from less popular games compared to others by their companies. they are both masters of rhythm and karate. This fight is interesting because you don't normally see these two fight, just train. It's oddness makes it unique, and it's also a Nintendo vs Playstation fight, not only making them rivals, but their owners aswell.


I haven't played the games, but I've heard somethings. For instance, Parappa has toon force on his side, and may be able to scale to Master Chop Chop Onion, who chopped his walls down. He also has soundwaves from his rapping. Where as Joe can tank point blank bomb explosions without fatigue and may possibly have a Broadway Force type of ability. Since Joe's Broadway Force hasn't been proven, I'm left to side with Parappa, who has more provable powers and great feats.