Puoyo is an entity sent to this world for one reason, Kill sinners. Claimed to be an Angel by many he is actually a spawn of Satan and is actually collecting the souls of the Wicked and Evil, in order to fuel his power. However, He felt a soft spot for Human Kind and tried to rule over the Earth as ruler, In order to protect it from Satan and his minions. However, A magic sorcerer sealed the Demon inside a sword and that whoever finds it, Puoyo would have to serve as their assistant. He is currently under the control of a young ninja known as Donny Polo a.k.a The Shinobi Savior


Puoyo is mischievous and cunning. He prefers to manipulate or joke with his opponent for awhile, but when the time comes to make the kill, He has no hesitations. He is a jokester and finds even the cheesiest of human funny


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Powers and Stats


Name: Puoyo (poi-oh)

Origin: Hell

Gender: Male

Age: Hundreds of Years

Classification: Demon

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: 6-C


  • Attack Speed: Supersonic+
  • Combat Speed: High Supersonic+
  • Reaction Speed: High Supersonic
  • Travel Speed: Subsonic
  • Flight Speed: Massively Hypersonic+

Lifting Strength: Class T

Striking Speed: Class PJ

Durability: Large Planet Level

Stamina: infinite Stamina

Range: He can Stretch his limbs to 150 feet

Standard Equipment:

  • His hoodie
  • Throwing Knives

Intelligence: GIfted


  • Holy Items
  • Stronger Demonic Entities
  • Spiritual energy attacks

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Shapeshifting his Limbs into: Spikes, Scythes, Boxing Gloves, Flamethrowers, Baseball Bats, maces, and spears
  • Demonic Fire: Burns Organic flesh to boiling point, Cannot harm mechanical things or metallic elements
  • Mach Flash: Creates Afterimages in order to dodge attacks
  • "Cool Guys don't Look at explosions": He immobilizes his opponent, puts on shades and walk away, triggering an explosion (Mostly his flashy finishing move)
  • Satan's Slap: He covers his hand in dark energy and slaps his opponent across the cheek
  • He can shapeshift his limbs into animal parts like: Claws, Wings, Pincers and jaws


  • Head-butted a skyscraper
  • Conquered one-half of Asia
  • Took Tank missles to the face
  • Fought the Guardians of the Universe on Jupiter(Which has the highest gravity in the solar system) and won

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