Ray West Was a childhood friend with Dr.Zane and so he was offer to help out of 1000 and now Was helping Dr.Zane on his works with another 100 people after a while more and more people quit untile Ray was the last one left and the last thing was a dimensional time portal while working on he fall in it when Zane was turning on it and so now he in another dimension in the future trying to get back and will do anything to achieve that and after 2 years later he one of the most wanted in that dimension and still trying to get to his own place and time


try’s to hide that he’s worry about his fate so try to act thick-skinned and wanting to help,a little curious since different dimension and different time, Stubborn, Sounds a bit like shadow (Sega)

Appearance (Not needed if you have a picture)

A white jacket,blue shoes,white shirt,white pants,black hair,kind of have a beard,green eyes

Powers and Stats


Name:Ray West





Powers and Abilities:Superhuman speed and strength,martial arts

Attack Potency:Town Level (destroy and slice though a town

Speed:Massively Hypersonic+ (outran 40 lasers)

Lifting Strength:Class 100(lifted a tank)

Striking Strength:Class TJ (destroy a town)

Durability:City Level (was in the epicenter of a explosion that destroyed a city)

Stamina:1 week (fought a army for a week)

Range:Close range| Long range (with some of his weapons)

Standard Equipment:

Sword:his most iconic weapon and it the size of a person

Gun:Used it to get some distance and can hold up to 12 bullets

Intelligence:Genius (was ahead in all his classes when he was 5)




Gun has limited ammunition

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Ray West Finale: first slashes at his opponent then throws his sword at the opponent then shoots his opponent then the sword come back to him then throws the opponent up in the air and jumps in the air then brings his sword down while impaling the opponent proceed to hit the ground to make a mountain size dust cloud


  • has a bounty of 500,000,000 dollars
  • taken out 2,000 robots