Story: was born in the late 90's and currently resides in Canada, ribbit used to be the quite type and didn't really have to many friends at school however as time progressed he became more confident and decided he wanted to do something more interesting with his life, so he bought a theatre where his main shows were a VS debating show known as cage fight, and with this he learnt how to VS debate and is still doing it to this day

Personality: is a pacifist when it comes to fighting but when he needs to he will fight, he is a very kind hearted person and spends most of his time animating, he a comedic kinda person and did stand up for a few years

Powers and Stats

Name: Ribbit

Origin: was diagnosed with a rare disease, but strangely it didn't kill him in fact it made him superior in almost every way.

Gender: male

Age: 17

Classification: animator

Powers and Abilities: can jump extremely high, has toon force which I will go over later, and has got super human strength, speed, durability and intelligence, can jump a mile high, wall climbing, can control water and has his form which makes him huge, the size is his choice but the biggest he has been is about the size of a skyscraper.

Attack Potency: as of right now has shown to be sky scraper level as he lifted a sky scraper with his tongue and threw it into the ocean.

Speed: ran across a city in under a minute, came 3rd in an Olympic race with intense nausea and can basically teleport thanks to toon force.

Lifting Strength: lifted a sky scraper with his tongue and with his hands he lifted a truck.

Striking Strength: has punched threw steal with no effort and one time dented titanium though did hurt his hand.

Durability: due to his toon force he can be, squashed, punched, burnt, or even blasted and come back, his healing even allows him to be thrown to the other side of Canada and was fine.

Stamina: one of the reasons for this is because he has got near limitless stamina, he one time ran across a city in a minute and didn't slow down once.

Range: his tongue can stretch about 20 meters.

Standard Equipment: tongue, sword, a portal that has access to water that shoots water for him to use and a scanner which tells him everything about his opponent (usually used for vs debating) .

Intelligence: he is a very smart person, his IQ is 180 and he knows how to work and or fix just about any tech.

Weaknesses: a pacifist, disease can occasionally cause intense nausea, and is weak to fire being an amphibian, he doesn't actually fight often, he has no real training hand to hand only minor training with his sword.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: he has a sword that he is very skilled at using and took on a high class ninja using


  • lifted a sky scraper
  • survived the vacuum of space
  • ate a bomb which then blew up and he was fine
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