Robocop vs Inspector Gadget

Robocop (Robocop) vs Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget). If you have a UniVS template with a picture of the two to replace the pictures, feel free. Comment your opinion on who would win and if you'd like to see this as an episode.


Both are cybernetically enhanced law enforcement. They each suffered accidents that caused their bodies to be damaged to the point of needing technology to live. that's about it, but you have to admit they have basically identical origin stories.


Robocop definitely has the strength and intelligence advantage, while Gadget holds the speed and durability edge. Let's look at how they use these strengths, Robocop works alone and all of his victories can be attributed to him, while Gadget usually has to get bailed out by his kid niece penny. This is why I'll give the win to Robocop.

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