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Roy is a 10-year-old boy who escapes school just about every day. Though, Roy's parents were not confirmed (They are alive though), later on, that day zombies all of the sudden started spouting out everywhere!

Roy has a quest to defeat the monsters and the mad scientist. Though it will not be an easy task, as he will need his friends to aid him.


Roy is a sarcastic and cynical boy who loves having a thrill in rollercoasters. He is rather very disobedient at times given the fact that he ditches school a bit too much. Roy is also naive as he somehow thought that the zombies were part of a game of some kind and almost got himself killed.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B | 9-C to 9-B with common weapons | 8-C with uncommon and exotic weapons | 8-A with Rare Weapons | 7-C with Legendary Weapons | At Least 7-B with the God Weapons

Name: Roy Mangbush

Origin: BlockSchool

Gender: Male

Age: 10, 13 in Timeskip

Classification: Human, Student

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Intellect | Weapon Mastery (Most proficient with a sword, bow, and arrow) | Same | Mild Fire Manipulation, Limited Portal Creation, Ice Manipulation | Light Manipulation | Illusion Creation

Attack Potency: Human Level | Street Level to Wall Level (Took down fodder enemies such as the zombies, man-eating spider, little demons) | Building Level (Can slice through Queen Spider who was just as big as a building) | Multi-City Block Level (Can slice through many buildings at once) | Town Level (Killed Upper-Tier monsters those being, Hell Demons, Face Eater, Soul Sucker) | At Least City Level (Should be stronger with this kind of weapon), Large City Level with Summons

Speed: Human Level | Peak Human | Subsonic with Pegasus Breaker

Lifting Strength: Normal Human

Striking Strength: Human Level, Higher with weapons

Durability: Human Level, Town Level with gears

Stamina: Very High

Range: Varies

Standard Equipment: Wooden Sword, Wooden Bow and Arrow, Potions, Summoning Runes, Dagger, Kunai, Katana, Steel Sword, Iron Sword, Steel Bow, Iron Bow, Invincibility Runes, Pegasus Breaker, Horse Breaker, Cheetah Breaker, Mach Shoes, Runes Sword, Magical Blade, Ice Arrow, Fire Arrow, Wind Arrow, Poison Arrow, Light Arrow, Portal Arrow, Sword of Light

Intelligence: Genius, most likely higher considering the fact that he has outsmarted Soul Sucker, a demon with an IQ of 3000. Not to mention he has also confused a psychic who has mastered all the arts.

Weaknesses: Overconfident, Can get confused by his own illusions

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Knocked out a zombie.
  • Outran a flaming Zombie who at most runs faster than an athletic human going at Peak Human.
  • Outsmarted a psychic and soul sucker.
  • Escaped school his whole life without being caught at all.
  • Can escape class with just a piece of hair.

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