was born to pirates one was a abacross and the another was a neice of the captain and was happy until his father and mother died he was depressed then a new person take the place as the captain and made them steal this went on until he was 22 after leaving people that got in his way will be ashes and usually end the fight quickly so he earn quick slash ash after a bit he decide to leave and after battling with the captain he escaped he was being hunted and when he found himself in a fight with a team of 1,000 that was able to destroy island but he quickly defeated them and after that he was recruited into the flaming hunters and now fighting against evil


Kind of a hothead,wants to make you mad,stubborn,


usually wears a red jacke,green shoes,black pants,red hair,green eyes

Powers and Stats

'''[[Tiering System|Tier]]:'''High 6-A

'''Name:''' Roy Gregory (Wanted name) quick slash ash

'''Origin:''' OC

'''Gender:'''  Male

'''Age:''' 24

'''Classification:''' Human

'''Powers and Abilities:''' superhuman physical characteristics

'''[[Attack Potency]]:''' Continent Level (scales to Joey Jones Base form)

'''[[Speed]]:''' Mach 5 (ran so fast his body and sword cought on fire)

'''[[Lifting Strength]]:''' Class M (lifted the biggest ship)

'''[[Striking Strength]]:''' Class YJ (Destroy a Continent rock)

'''[[Durability]]:''' Continent Level (Taken hits from Yu)

'''[[Stamina]]:''' 1 week (taken on a army for a week)

'''[[Range]]:''' Short range

'''Standard Equipment:''' 

Sword:Earn this from his father

'''[[Intelligence]]:''' Above average


Can be trick



'''Notable Attacks/Techniques:'''


  • Fought against a 1,000 army
  • Beaten Yu and Joey
  • Slash so fast that before a laser came close to him
  • Thrown a big rock so hard it bought down a building
  • Destroy a mountain with one punch