Now now, don't get confused. This has nothing to do with Naruto. Rather, Shukaku was given his nickname due to the fact he has a tail. And is a beast. He can scale to several of the other Reeds, and even regenerate from a single cell.


Created from the DNA of the toughest cartel thug, 209 was made to be a war machine. He was quite successful, and cleanly got rid of competition. But, eventually Jack Reed decided to do some work in Mexico. 209 was forced to flee from the ensuing invasion, and found Cyberius RIX (Rixey) in the middle of the desert. He ended up wandering around for a year in a bad comedy series before eventually meeting Jack one more. He was able to make amends and even train with his family. He uses heavy blows and grapples to dominate in favor of good.


Shukaku has that standard tough guy personality. He doesn't take crap from anyone, and is very protective of his friends, especially his girlfriend Stacy Reed


Shukaku has pure white hair in the same sort of fashion as current Gohan, blue eyes, a tank top, grey sweatpants, a tail, which looks like a monkey's, but without hair. Lastly, he has brown boots.

Powers and Stats


Name: Shukaku

Facility name: 209

Origin: OC (Tale of the two with Tails, then eventually Reed verse [still not official name])

Gender: Male

Age: 25 (physical) 3 (actual)

Classification: Experiment, which used human DNA

Height: 6'6

Weight:250 pounds (80% Muscle)

Powers and Abilities:

He has a Mid-high healing factor, and enhanced senses, which allow him to hear and smell people from a mile away.

Attack Potency:5-C. Can fight with Brian, who is at this level

Speed:Relativistic+. Scaling to Stacy.

Lifting Strength:Class E+

Striking Strength:Class NJ+

Durability:Moon level

Stamina:Seemingly endless. Can go for as long as need, which was usually in operations that took days to play out.

Range:Normal melee

Standard Equipment: None.

Intelligence:Gifted in Combat, but otherwise behind on education.

Weaknesses: None notable.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Shukaku knows several fighting styles, and uses some wrestling moves, such as pile-drivers or suplexes.


  • Cut the plot meteor in half, which was about to destroy Paul Bunyan's house (long story)
  • Trained with and several members of the Reed family
  • Destroyed a few of the Mad creator's false planets.
  • Able to take hits from Brian Reed with minimal damage
  • Managed to regenerate several times from what was thought to be complete evaporation

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