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: This animated character used to be a CGI figure in a show. After this show was cancelled static came out of the TV an destroyed one of the producers. He used to be weak to fog it shrunk him because in his show he was a giant. So he lived in a haunted mansion surrounded by fog he adapted and is now strengthened by fog. He will only show up when you are hit by a sign that suggests you go away. If you dodge one more will come until your hit. He uses this attack to wear out his opponents. He can crush people's bones by moving his hands.

Appearance: A human figure that cannot be fully seen his eyes are white and he keeps glicthing.

Tier:  Unknown most likely giant state.

Name: Static

Origin: Red giant (The cancelled TV show)

Gender: Male

Age: kkxjckcjckxixkssox¢=\÷\°\[£

Classification: Glitch

Powers and Abilities: Multiple hand motions. Balds his fist up: Invisible explosion under the opponents feat. Cupping his fist: His opponent's bones are crushed and there body is squeezed into a cylinder. This breaks many bones and distinctions joints and puts them in awkward positions. Pushing his palm down: The opponent feels like they are being crushed by something falling on them. The oppoenet cannot resist this. Teleport: When he appears the opponent is pushed back. Can make the air throw the opponent away. He can make hallucinations and block images with static. Has many mental abilities. He can make machines move explode or grow limbs and act to his will.

Attack potency: Giant building level, or skyscraper level (Explosions can have a force greater than a nukes.

Speed: Molecules vibrate fast enough so he can walk through bullets.

Lifting strength: Can't lift because his molecules are too fast but he can slow them to lift a boulder bigger than him.

Striking strength: Can break bones with hand motions and explode power plants. His teleportation makes opponents fly away.

Durability: Took a haunted knight's enchanted strike without feeling it. Survived a grenade without feeling it.

Stamina: Can make his own instantly. Has never shown a sign of tiredness.

Range: Can destroy building from hundreds of miles away.

Standard equipment: None

Intelligence: Outsmarted a group of teenagers and adults. Can hack things with his mind. Can control machines.

Wewakness: None (Overcame first one)

Notable attacks/Techniques: Finger gun: Forms his fingers In a gun form. This can destroy army trucks. And trucks. Can control technology and opponent's minds.


Killed most of a group of teens and adults some were trained soldiers with massive guns. Also took knights and gargoyles.

Jumped out a TV. 

Broke a phone when he wasn't even near.

Made a coffee maker gain ten arms.