Tai was one of the last 3 magic cats left during when there were more a war breaks like a apocalypses with nearly killed all except 3 and 1 of them was Tai and after that Tai decided to travel the world and learn spells after a bit he found a person name Yu Hamada and join him and when Yu was offer to join the flaming hunters Tai was able to go with him and after that Tai wasn’t really go on missons though he go to scout out the places and cook good food for the team


Cares about others,likes to cook,curious,likes to fly,likes to sleep,want to learn spells,observes the field and like to use it to his advantage

===Appearance (Not needed if you have a picture)===

Like happy(fairy tale) but reddish and greenish

==Powers and Stats==

'''[[Tiering System|Tier]]:'''10-A

'''Name:''' Tai

'''Origin:''' OC (Flaming Hunters)

'''Gender:'''  unknown

'''Age:''' 1,000,000


'''Powers and Abilities:''' 

Claws: able to cling to mountain

Wings: able to fly at massively hypersonic+

Fire: can go 1 mile

'''[[Attack Potency]]:''' Below Human

'''[[Speed]]:''' massively hypersonic+ (On the ground) Supersonic

'''[[Lifting Strength]]:''' Class 100

'''[[Striking Strength]]:''' BH

'''[[Durability]]:''' Moon level

'''[[Stamina]]:''' limitless (a magical being though using to much spells can tried)

'''[[Range]]:''' 1 mile

'''Standard Equipment:''' 

A sword made out of steel and arrowheads

'''[[Intelligence]]:''' Gifted


Using to much spells can tried him

'''Notable Attacks/Techniques:'''

Death spell:Kills a person instantly if it hits

Shield spell:make a shield that can take a nuke

healing spell:heals people to full condition but not statistics ailments

Time spell:reverses time to the beginning of the day


  • was able to survive a moon size explosion
  • was able to dodge a Bullet when was on the ground
  • Was able to lift a tank
  • Was able to dodge and outran lasers when in the air
  • Was able to quickly make a plan that use his surroundings

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