The Reeds are an ancient family, whom have protected the world since the beginning of time. This current generation has several well known heroes, like Jack Reed.


In the beginning of time, the Grand Librarian found himself with the powers of creation. He didn't know how he became to be, or why the universe was there, but it was there. So, he started making life. Eventually, the Harbinger of Death appeared out of nowhere and started ruining his creations. He eventually destroyed him, but most of his work was wiped out. So, he made it all over again. Except this time, he gave a family powerful physical and magical abilities, and charged them with defending the world, while he records all of history in his grand library, you know, as a hobby.

Members (Current Generation)

  • John Reed (Former family name was Freeman) A.K.A Freedom Man (Retired goverment agent, father.) Got his name from being an American icon from the 1960's to 90's
  • Natasha Reed A.K.A Ethereal witch (Retired chemist/alchemist, Mother) Got her name due to the fact she is a chemist.
  • Jack Reed A.K.A Jack of all trades, master of justice (Lawyer and part time Detective, Eldest). Got his superhero name based off of his actual name, and the fact he carries out justice as both an officer of the law and a Lawyer.
  • Xander Reed (Plumber, Second eldest) Doesn't have a superhero name Because his creator lacks creativity because he doesn't really see the point of having one.
  • Brian Reed A.K.A Captain Shocker (Architect and construction worker, middle child) Got his name from the fact he can manipulate shockwaves
  • Norman Reed A.K.A Psycho Panther (Painter, currently working on a kid's show, second youngest) Got his name for his psychic powers.
  • Stacy Reed A.K.A Time Slasher (Mechanic, youngest) Got her name for the fact she wields a sword, and uses time manipulation frequently in combat.

Others whom have relations:

  • Shukaku A.K.A 209(Police officer) Got his name for having one tail.
  • Cyberius RIX A.K.A Rixey (Unemployed) His name is just a simple abbreviation
  • Warg (Pet)
  • Jordan Straights A.K.A Ghost Eye (Vigilante for hire) Got his name due to the fact that his blind eye can look into the ethereal plane, causing it to glow green.

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