Barry vs rock

The Rocketeer (The Rocketeer) vs Barry Steakfries (Jetpack Joyride). If you have a UniVS template with a picture of the two to replace the pictures, feel free. Comment your opinion on who would win and if you'd like to see this as an episode.


These two have jetpacks as their primary weapons and mode of transportation. They acquired these jetpack prototypes by stealing them, The Rocketeer from two gangsters hiding it, and Barry from a large laboratory. These two never really get brought up in vs debating, since they're kind of obscure, so it is a fresh and interesting fight.


I think Barry takes this pretty handely. Not only is he fast enough to dodge lasers and missiles, but he also has a variety of gadgets like a mechanical fire breathing dragon, a mech suit, a teleporter, a gravity suit, and even a giant robot with a shield.

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