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Story: The small Giant started out as Eric Thompson. A boy who needed an inhaler. His best friend was a scientist. After the incident where his friend broke every bone in his body. 20 years later Eric visited him. Distort (his friend) had built a suit to help the human body withstand changes in bone matter. Eric took this suit after a hurricane struck. He could now shrink and grow in size. 

The small giant was very powerful. He was able to take out the dragons defending the twin blades. Fought Mr Questionable. And can take in clones of himself.

Growing and shrinking still doesn't effect the power of the small giant. He can grow as big as the sun, or as small as a cell. No doubt he is a strong superhero.

Personality: Serious, Determined, colorful

Tier: Star level

Name: Eric

Origin: Greenland

Gender: male

Age: 38

Classification: human

Powers, and abilities: shrinking and growing, superhuman strength and agility

Attack potency: Star (Could destroy a star if big enough)

Speed: Supersonic (Can stop bullets and flip them around in mid air)

Lifting strength: star (If big enough)

Striking strength: Can normally beat up a man in one hit, that has super powers, and is also wearing armor stronger than titanium

Durability: Black hole level (Took a strike possible of leveling with a black hole)

Stamina: inexhaustible

Standard equipment: A suit to change size, and a visor to see through walls

Range: millions of miles (Can stretch his arm that far)

Intelligence: Genius (Got it from his friend, can also solve impossible puzzles)

Weaknesses: If he grows bigger than the largest sun he will turn to ashes, if he grows smaller than the smallest cell he will explode

Notable attacks/techniques: Grown up punch: Starts out small but he jumps in the air and turns his fist massive for a powerful punch.


Can grow up to the size of the largest sun

Can shrink to the smallest cell

Solved "impossible" Puzzles

Defeated superhuman opponents

Took on people who can end lives by saying so

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