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Story: This drawing was gave up on by its creator. After this the drawing came to life stole the pencil. This gave him the power to draw what he wanted.

He can draw things like hammers, fire, cannons, walls, and more. He can change forms to his half-finished form and his full form. His full form has a sword and the pencil and can create fire. This form makes him strong enough to break galaxies. 

In his base form he can survive attacks from mystic the creation god. He can punch lasers in different directions with ease. He punched walls in multiple prices. He has psychic abilities he can pif boxes giant rocks make the moon go faster and open doors. 

He is very fast he can fly at mach 10. He can run on water and can pucnh 7,000 bullets in four seconds that's 1750 bullets per second. 

Personality: All forms: Angry, like a failure, power hungry, evil, strong 

Tier: Who cares? He probably broke tiers anyways

Name: Unfinished

Origin: A price of notebook paper

Gender: male

Age: 39

Classification: cursed paper

Powers and abilities: Psychic abilities, creation with pencil, lighting fast punches, and enhanced strength speed and durability.

Attack potency: Original: Cities. Half-finished: Country level. Finished: galaxy

Speed: Original: Speed of multiple bullets. Half-finished: Speed of sound. Finished: Near instant

Lifting strength: entire buildings and meteors.

Striking strength: Multy planets and galaxies

Durability: Survived strikes from many other combatants and e vacuum of space.

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Many planets. Can use psychic abilities to move objects that are very heavy.

Standard equipment: All forms: a pencil. Finished: A sword

Intelligence: Ran a civilization that lasted 10 years till he destroyed it out of anger

Weaknesses: Temper may make super strong but makes him act out of rage but this can make him punch people to make them explode.

Notable attacks/ techniques: Summons minions to hold opponent back the minions are very tough keep them at distance with long range blasts force a heavy object on them then go in for punches to win. Or summons a wall taller than them makes it fall on them punches them deep in the ground.


Punched 4000 bullets in four seconds.

Destroyed a civilization just by blasting with his finger.

Can destroy galaxies.

Can draw up anything he wants.