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UniVS is a show created by LeopoldTheBrave where he takes two fictional characters and analyzes them to compare his research to the predictions of the viewers and see who guessed the outcome correctly!


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  • Disney characters are NOT exclusive to Disney Duels. They can end up fighting anyone as seen by Skipper VS Perry the Platypus. The Disney Duels only get their name when they ARE fighting against another Disney character.
  • Scout VS Inkling boy being episode 14 of UniVS was a reference to how Scout appeared in episode 14 of Leo's previous series, FICTIONAL FIGHTS, in Scout VS Tracer.
  • The fifth intro of the series was only used once due to negative reception. According to viewers, the intro was bland and a downgrade from the previous intros.
  • Bowser VS King Dedede is the first UniVS episode to make it the front page of LeopoldTheBrave's "Most Viewed" videos of all time in his statistics section at 6,000+ views.
  • The 5th UniVS Mini was originally titled "Why should Non-Canon stuff be allowed?" but was switched to "When should Non-Canon stuff be allowed?" as Leo figured the original title was implying he thinks all non-canon stuff is usable.
  • Paul Phoenix VS Guile was the last episode to get a true Episode Commentary. While Bayonetta VS Shadow did get an "Episode Commentary" as well, it was mainly a much shorter video explaining that there would be no more episode commentaries as they started to become too boring to watch and make.
  • Goku VS Superman was chosen to be episode 38 in celebration of the fact that UniVS now had TWICE the number of episodes that Fictional Fights had.
  • Goku VS Superman was the episode to reach 1,000 views the fastest because of course it was. It reached this number in less than 8 hours.

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