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Story: This being was made with no legs and had a hard time moving so he built himself a tail and wings to fly around. He enjoys eating things. He decided to eat a universe because he felt like it. 

After he ate one universe he was stabbed by twin blades. Know what he did. He freaking ripped em out and used them to destroy planets. He went outside his universe to eat other universes. He travelled to the creators realm and "Borrowed" some armor and "Accidentally" Ate the creator of eternity.

He usually Eats universes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it still doesn't satisfy him. He infinitely travels universes. One creator tried to tame him the creator came back with out a heart. Another tried to make him internally full but he accidentraqlly made him more hungry.

Personality: Hungry, always moving.

Appearance: A skull with face paint, Robot tail and wings, Lion armor. Is as tall as a mansion and big as an apartment complex

Tier: Universe

Name: Universe eater

Origin: Creator realm

Gender: Male

Age: 4.7 billion years old

Classification: God

Powers and abilities: Can eat pretty much anything, can fly, and has blades to cut things

Attack potency: Universal (Eats universes)

Speed: Fly's to many different dimensions in minutes, can eat a universe in two seconds

Lifting strength: Balanced a moon on his head, Held up the phone of a fourth dimensional being

Striking strength: Cuts up planets, punches can create a planet from one punch, and break the fourth wall

Durability: Took two blades at the same time from a creator and ripped them out without lion armor, took meteors

Stamina: Gets energy from eating which he always does he eats bits of dust every second doesn't run out of food

Range: Ate a Universe well many at the same time

Standard equipment: Lion armor, and Twin blades

Intelligence: Not the brightest star in the galaxy

Weaknesses: Not too smart, Needs eating for energy

Notable attacks/techniques: Star bite ( Can bite things into many parts) , Metal cut (Can cut things in half), Lion spirit (Stats increase by 150x in speed strength, agility, durability, he also becomes prideful which makes his stats increase this mode can last for days. Downward spiral (Makes opponent lose control and weakened). Reverse effect he activates this when his face paint turns yellow this makes any disease he gets the one who gave him the disease gets it, if he is punched the enemy feels the punch, negative effects effect the enemy.


Took stabs from a creator without armor

Stole armor from creators

Ate multiple universes

Punches can create new planets from the dust

Can eat things millions of times his size