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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    Just writing notes of research for Efina from LiEat. I wanted to research her for awhile and I need a secret location to take notes. So here I go:

    • Beat someone consumed by lies

    • Took blows from someone who was consumed by lies

    • Rather illiterate
    • Basically a newborn
    • Doesn't recognize illegal activity
    • Doesn't know when to stop talking

    • Basically a newborn

    • Able to almost instantly recognize and eat lies
      • Can also eat truths but she finds them disgusting
      • Cannot recognize clever lies
      • "The opposite of lying about is a not-lie which is the anti-opposite of a fakely untrue lie."
    • Can breath fire
    • Smells out lies
    • Can sprout wings and horns but it takes tons of energy out of her

    • Person who was consumed by lies could take down a vampire with relative ease

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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    With the creation of Malfos, Alice Mandrake may start using tabbers. I want to extend upon this universe I created so expect more Star Children.

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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    To be perfectly honest I am highly interested in the idea that Who should he fight? The Terminator created. The idea is simple, a character is posted and people give their ideas as to who they should fight. I decided to try and improve the idea in a simple way and tried to create a format to suggesting characters. I believe there should be a rule with this however.

    • You may only suggest ONE character. You may not suggest another until the character you've perviously suggested has appeared on UniVS.

    Simple, however I'm not sure how many people will follow this rule. Anyway here is the format for the character suggestion.

    Who would be a good opponent for t? Leave your suggestions and opinions below.

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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    Witty Title

    March 15, 2017 by 5555thExplosionMage

    Witty Blog

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  • 5555thExplosionMage

    Yeah, should there be more categories for OCs? Of course we'd need to request the categories first. This will make it easier to find connections between characters and stuff.

    Also I might become someone who edits any errors with pages, aka just making sure people put their stats in right and HOLY HOT DAMN stop making empty pages people! It drives me bonkers!

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