aka Manny

  • I live in The Holy Land
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Bible Preacher
  • I am Godkin Male
  • AChristianO'Many

    I have created a list of future OCs that i'm gonna be creating/rebooting by the end of this year. Judging by names alone, which ones would you like to see first? (I will also be deleting the OCs I've posted on here to reboot them entirely.)

    1. Timothy Nacht (King of the Cats)

    2. Ruckkehr, Beserker from the Frost

    3. Clover Clever

    4. Dwindaly Xavi (rebooted)

    5. Faux Fun (rebooted)

    6. Dr. Adorable

    7. Mason "Rudy" Freeman

    8. Gabriel Goodwill

    9. doG

    10. Mundi the Binary Bard

    11. DCLXVI

    12. Pandora Tetohfa

    13. Friday Fate

    Let me know in the comment section.

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