So, as you may or may not know, I'm apart of OC Battle Arena, which is a spin-off of OC fights. Anyway, in that community, I have written out several battles, in which Jack and some other heroes show off their feats. Here are several links to these things:

Jack's fight with the Harbinger of Death:

Jack facing off with warg (whom won't appear on the wiki, since he can't really be made in Tekken 7's customization):

I also made a comedy series, starring Shukaku (which I now realize I shouldn't have put on the wiki, but oh well, no tears over spilt milk.)

Lastly, I'm the Co-host for two shows. First, OC's vs Fiction, where we take some of the OC's on the community,and sometimes off the wiki, assuming the creator's are okay with it, and pit them against well known fictional characters, such as Zero, Riku, and even the I like trains kid. Take a gander (Note, I wasn't involved in the making of episode 1 or 2)

The second show (which is currently finished with the first seasons, and waiting for submissions for the second season. By the way, if you want to submit, now's the time), is OC tourney, where we take a group of OC's and put them in a tournament, having them fight each other to find out who's on top. (I wasn't involved in episode 1,2, or 3.)

So, here's my work, have a wonderful day.

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